Portraits of Cheltenham

Here I will document people in and around Cheltenham I meet on any given day. Most subjects will be random but if you would like to be featured, get in touch.

Man on a bench

The lovely gentleman below allowed me to take his photograph whilst sat on a bench outside one of Cheltenham’s most prominent features, Neptune’s Fountain.



The Rock Climber

You often see the adrenaline junkies up Cleeve Hill, they’re either riding bikes up and over the steep slopes or snowboarding when the ground is blanketed in the white stuff, this was the first time I’d seen rock climbers.

I captured him as he was adjusting the wires so that his friend below could climb up. I often prefer these kind of shots where the subject is not posed. What do you think?


 The Newbie Runner

My crazy younger sister has only gone and signed herself up to the Cheltenham half marathon. She has been out running most evenings, improving on her speed and distance. Putting us all to shame when we sniggered at the idea of Nat running for any amount of time let alone 13 miles.

As most people, Nat is running for a cause. To raise money for the charity Motor Neurone Disease Association. We recently had a family friend diagnosed with the disease and cannot believe the speed at which it attacks the body. If you would like to donate to the charity Motor Neurone Disease Association my sister has set up a JustGiving page here.


 The Newborn

My oldest friend Emma gave birth to this little guy just over 3 weeks ago. He’s a teeny-tiny bundle of cuteness that kept us both entertained whilst out for lunch. It’s impossible to not get a little broody, just look at that face.



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