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A meaty treat

We’ve recently moved from Bristol to the outskirts of Cheltenham and one of the hardest things about moving away from Bristol has been leaving the thriving food scene behind; we were never short of options for somewhere fantastic to go out for dinner. 

So after only a couple of weeks in our new home town we were delighted to get an invite to the opening of a new steak restaurant in Cheltenham’s food and entertainment area- The Brewery Quarter.

A really good, well cooked steak (well cooked on a good hot charcoal grill, rather than ‘well done’) is a wonderful thing, but all to often restaurants serve up poor quality, gristly meat, not cooked the way you want it, so I tend not to bother unless I’ve had a particularly strong recommendation. So would this be any better?

Son of Steak was the slightly oddly-named new restaurant in question, and first impressions upon arrival were good- a warm greeting from a colourful cow and friendly front-of-house team is a good start!

The place is a good size, which might sound like a given, but having spent a lot of time eating in cramped shipping containers at Bristol’s Wapping Wharf recently, we appreciated a bit of elbow space! There’s a mix of tables and cosy booths to choose from; the four of us (Steph, myself and Steph’s wonderfully tolerant parents, who have been putting up with us whilst our new house is completed) had a lovely big table to accommodate our evenings main event.

To start with though, something to drink! The drinks menu at Son of Steak isn’t huge, but there’s enough of a selection of beers, wines and spirits to satisfy most, along with the house’ signature cocktail, the Taptail Mojito, which can be enjoyed as it is, or with a selection of fruit syrup toppings which add a tasty twist. The mojitos went down very well, and are good value at four for £20. 

Son of Steak had a really nice atmosphere; unobtrusive background music and a good buzz from happy diners made it a very pleasant place to be. And things only got better when our food arrived! A platter, aptly named ‘The Steak Feast’ showcases the best cuts on offer with a Picanha (a big flavour cut popular in South American), Flat Iron and Sirloin. We also had a good chunk or their wonderfully moist BBQ’d chicken. To accompany our feast we has fries (of course!), crispy onion loaf (think unspiced onion bhaji and you’re pretty much there), garlic mushrooms, fiery smashed aubergine, tomato and avocado salad and a rocket salad.

Judge for yourself, but we thought it looked fantastic, and it tasted every bit as good as it looked!

The meat was tender and had a great flame-grilled flavour, and I’m very pleased to report there were no horrible gristly bits! The sides too were big on flavour, and did what they said on the tin; the mushrooms were garlicky and the aubergines fiery; all went down very well. 

We didn’t have much room left for pud’, but had a little go on the self-serve ice cream maker, with wonky results, and a try of the super rich and tasty chocolate brownie with caramel sauce.

We go to a few of these opening events. Sometimes you wonder why they bother- the hospitality and food can be hopeless, and those are no fun to write about. Son of Steak was at the other end of the spectrum with great people, food and drinks, and we look forward to visiting again soon for more good times. I don’t know if the silent disco will be a regular feature, but it was a lot of fun! Thank you Son of Steak, and all the Steak family!

‘Masters of steak’ is a bold claim, but we think you’ve got this!    


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