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I’m fondue of you

James and I don’t venture to North Street enough, it’s only a short walk from us and has a great selection of places to eat. We have managed to try out most of the establishments but there was one I had my eye on for a while. Every time we passed The Malago, I’d say to James, we need to try this one. I’m not going to lie it was mainly the ‘buy two mains and get a free bottle of wine’ that initially had me interested but after a little more homework we discovered they also do Cheese Fondue Mondays. We booked ourselves a table pronto.

I’d never had a cheese fondue before so was unsure as to whether I could handle a meal so heavily made up of cheese. Turns out I can handle any amount of cheese if it’s placed right in front of me.

We started off with a couple of cocktails – I went with my usual sweet treat, a lychee daiquiri and James went for a spicy bloody mary. The cheese fondue is made up of gruyere cheese and comes with a selection of dippers including sourdough bread, fried bread, cornichons and pickled onions. What we hadn’t initially realised was that all of this was bottomless, which was slightly dangerous to our waistlines.

You can also order extra sides if the bottomless options weren’t enough – we needed more, so we added apples, grapes, chorizo, peppers, celery, carrots and charred cauliflower.

When the cheese arrives you’re given a few safety instructions, basically don’t touch the naked flame in front of you and then you’re free to dip away. To begin with the cheese is slightly warm and extra gooey – I lost a few sides in the pot to extra stringy cheese. You can also get a pretty good helping of cheese on your dippers at this stage but it doesn’t completely cover them.

It’s not long before the cheese has fully heated up and you’re left with this smooth, hot cheese sauce that soaks the entirety of your chosen side. You’ve just got to remember the cheese gets hot and you can’t be too eager to shove it straight in your mouth – something I really struggled with.

We somehow managed to finish off one pot of cheese pretty swiftly and ordered up another one along with more charred cauliflower and bread. I think if it hadn’t been bottomless we would have stopped there but regrettably we both don’t know our cheesy limits.

We finished off the second almost as quickly, I tried to dip as many pieces of celery and carrot to remove some of the guilt but my stomach still knew what had happened. It was so delicious though, that after feeling incredibly full that evening, the next day I was salivating telling someone at work about it. Turns out you gotta take the gouda with the bad…

It’s a great treat, ideal for cheese lovers and perfect for group outings with friends. The atmosphere is warm, with low lighting in the evenings and friendly, attentive staff. Ricotta try it out!


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