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Mini-mooning to Rhodes

James and I had lots of honeymoon ideas, we were really struggling to narrow it down to something that was adventurous, yet relaxing, somewhere new, that also had a bit of culture. We had a lot of boxes to tick and in the end we couldn’t decide. For me, a honeymoon should be something really special and a trip we can plan together so whilst we were planning the wedding, we couldn’t dedicate enough time to it.

Oh the regrets we had after the wedding. We were both ready for a holiday so, in the end we just booked a last minute trip to Rhodes for a bit of guaranteed sun, relaxation and perhaps some exploring.

We opted for a 5 star all inclusive resort, just outside of Rhodes town, that had it’s own beach, three restaurants, two bars and a couple of pools. Some of the apartments had their own pools, however we lucked out* on those.

*we asked about upgrading but they were far too expensive.

We arrived late after a delayed flight, (is it just us that always end up being delayed? It feels like planes are becoming just as reliable as trains) and we’re given some slightly questionable sandwiches and a long, refreshing cocktail before being shown to our room.

The following morning, after a much needed lie-in, we half got up, meaning we got dressed but didn’t try that hard to look presentable (one of the best things about being on holiday) and went to gorge ourselves on the breakfast buffet (the next best thing about holidays).

One of our breakfast highlights had to be the setting. We sat outside most mornings, if we could get a spot under an umbrella and just enjoyed the view whilst tucking into fruit, pancakes, cooked breakfasts, toast and James’s holiday fav – olive tapenade. He had the stuff everyday, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Most of our first day consisted of plans for the rest of our holiday, lazing by the pool and only getting up to eat when we got a little peckish. I also couldn’t wait to take my new airport bargain for a spin on the water.

I called her Babs and I picked her up at the airport for £8 down from £32. Absolute steal.

After a day in the sunshine, adjusting to relaxation mode we headed back to our hotel room to freshen up for dinner. This is when we discovered the real gem of this hotel.

Once we had our fill of food – which usually meant a starter of greek salad, and a themed mains that changed each night, we headed towards the beach and watched the most amazing sunset.

We were able to do this every night, even finding a slightly more private part of the resort to enjoy it just the two of us.

The next couple of days we hired a car from the hotel to do some exploring. First stop was Lindos, about an hours drive south of our resort, home to a clifftop acropolis with ancient ruins and an amazing sea view. Probably something we should have ventured to, however the only way to get there was to walk (too hot) or to make a donkey carry us up (too cruel). We decided to just have a wander through the pretty streets, look in the shops and have some lunch.

Oh and try to take a kitten home with me.

The following day our exploring took us to the town of Rhodes, a 30 minute drive north of our resort. In our opinion, an improvement on Lindos but not too dissimilar – the old part of the town had plenty of shops, narrow cobbled streets and nice eateries. I like to think we chose one of the best for lunch, enjoying possibly the tastiest food of our trip.

We took a walk to the harbour and the fort of St Nicholas, taking in the medieval features and well preserved buildings.

A very beautiful town that has a lot of charm and managed to hold on to a lot of it’s heritage.

After a couple of days of sightseeing we spent the rest of our trip swimming, sunbathing, eating and still enjoying those wonderful sunsets.

Oh, and I made friends with the local cats. Obvs.

Towards the end of the holiday the temperature had reached an uncomfortable heat. Too hot to sit in and worst yet, too hot to even want to eat in! Hard to even imagine now we’re entering Autumnal weather.

Looking back on our holiday, we were initially disappointed as the food wasn’t up to our standards, but we do have quite high foodie standards (living in Bristol, it’s hard not to) and it didn’t feel memorable or special enough to class as our honeymoon.

It served us well as a change of scenery, a good chance to recharge the batteries and explore somewhere new. It’s also helped us realise that we enjoy a bit of adventure on our trips and we can now start to plan our full honeymoon around this.

Just a word of warning; we booked through Secret Escapes and had some issues when booking which made the whole experience quite stressful. Their customer service is pretty appalling and they use a different company to manage the booking once you’ve secured your holiday, which wouldn’t be a problem if you could get through to them. Would not recommend their service based on our experience.

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