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An Honest review

Another burger restaurant? Does Bristol need another burger restaurant?

The kind of questions that don’t even justify an answer. But if you pushed for one, it would be yes. Always yes.

How is it not a wonderful thing that you don’t have to walk very far to find a great burger in Bristol? We have options all over the city and the centre has just been graced with a chain from London.

Chains can get a bad rep but Honest Burger have managed to avoid any of that by simply making really, really good burgers. They started off in London with several restaurants across the city, and also Cambridge, Reading and now Bristol.

They create their patties with the meat from their own butchers and try to use local ingredients where they can, championing the neighbourhood’s specialities.

Here in Bristol they do the ‘Bristol’ burger using Westcombe smoked cheddar cheese and cider gravy. You couldn’t call a burger Bristol without putting cider in it!

Honest Burger is located just along from Corn Street, on Clare Street. We went along one evening after work with some friends and all raved about our burgers once we left – hence the blog post.

The menu offers a chicken burger, a veggie burger and about five beef burgers – there is usually a special burger too. There are sides of onion rings, chicken wings, salads and homemade sauces.

Oh and some bacon gravy, which James eyed up early on and had to have it.

Loving our spice, we went for the chilli beef burger that came with chilli cheese, the crispiest bacon, jalapeno relish, lettuce, red onion and hot sauce. It was the bomb.

The burgers are cooked medium, which can be a little too pink for me so I asked for it to be done a little longer and they got it spot on.

The heat level was perfect, the bacon was so crispy and I started to question why I don’t eat more bacon. One should never have to question this (unless you’re a vegan or veggie).

All burgers come with rosemary salted chips which are perfectly seasoned and leave you wanting more.

James and our friends couldn’t have loved the bacon gravy more. I, myself, can only eat chips with ketchup, and maybe some American style mustard but the rest of the table was giving their chips a good old gravy soak.

We washed all our burgers down with some mahoosive cocktails and I couldn’t help but notice the great selection of music being played. Anywhere playing the Four Tops gets a big thumbs up from me.

Eating some really good food also helps and the only thing we regretted when we left was not eating more of the food. I can’t wait to go back and repeat this top notch experience but this time, I’ll be ordering more!

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