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The Cauldron, Bristol

I have recently started a new job. A new job that brings me back to the centre of Bristol after two years of commuting out to Avonmouth. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to be out of that job. On a daily basis I had to question why I wasn’t working in the city centre when we lived smack-bang in the middle. There were many reasons for leaving other than just the location but I won’t bore you with those details for now.

James and I now work 5 minutes from each other, we can meet up for lunch and if James isn’t on dog-duty, walk to and from work together. It’s quite lovely. This also gives us the opportunity to go straight from work to dinner, in one of the many wonderful restaurants we have in the vicinity of our offices.

Last week, we headed out to a new area of Bristol, St Werburghs to visit The Cauldron.

I had heard many good things about The Cauldron and was gutted when we missed out on the Squeezed/Cauldron Burger Night. They have a big reputation for their chips along with their Sunday roasts – the latter we’ve yet to try. They are also well known for not using gas to cook any of their food, relying solely on pits of charcoal, a 60-litre cast iron cauldron and a Victorian iron stove. How original, eh?

When we visited we went along with a couple of friends, which is always a great way to sample more of the menu without coming across as a couple of piggies (which we totally are). Kicking things off with a couple of cocktails.

For starters we had the poached skate wing, melon salad, chicken wings and the chips. Because when the chips are this good, they need to be sampled straight away.

The wings were quite rightly, messy (if that puts you off, don’t worry they come with a warm bowl of water for finger soaking) and jam-packed with flavour. The melon salad with goats cheese was well balanced and light, giving me plenty of room to enjoy our sharing bowl full of chips. The fish dish unfortunately wasn’t very memorable and didn’t stand out as much as the other dishes.

For mains we had the sirloin steak, the chicken burger, the beef burger and the salmon.

This time the fish did not disappoint and was the star of the show. The burgers were good but not up there with Bristol’s best. The steak was flavoursome and smothering it in bearnaise sauce was a beautiful thing, it was however slightly undercooked for my liking – you are warned about this so I probably should have asked for it cooked for longer.

Overall we enjoyed the food, the atmosphere is nice too and the staff are relaxed. You don’t ever feel pushed to vacate your table to make room for new arrivals, even with it being such a popular place. Crowned by many as having the best roasts in Bristol, I think we’ll have to return to give them a go. Stay tuned for that review soon!


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