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The Bunch of Grapes, Bradford on Avon

It’s that time of year where we lock away our BBQs that have barely been used over the Summer and wonder why we ever bought one in the first place, preparing ourselves for the long Winter. Trying to get into the mindset that there are definitely some things to look forward to over Winter, I’m sure.

I used to be a big fan of the Winter but as I’ve grown older I’ve started to appreciate the warmer months, coming home from work in the light and still feeling like you have some spare time may be part of that. I feel I need a reminder that it’s not all bad.

Cosy evenings with loved ones, thick fluffy jumpers, the chance to buy a new coat or bring out an old classic. Winter boots, Christmas, getting engrossed in a boxset, rainy days that mean you have to stay inside and perhaps not get out of your PJs…

Oh and roast dinners. But not any roast dinner; good roasts. The ones that put effort into the veg, where the potatoes glisten with that golden crust and fluffy centre. The gravy that’s not just a sauce but is something you’ll be talking to friends about the next day. Yeah, Winter can be great.

If you’re roast standards are high like mine, may I suggest a trip to The Bunch of Grapes in Bradford on Avon. A pretty town just outside of Bath.

The Bunch of Grapes is located right in the centre of the town, you can’t miss it with it’s often fun window displays. Inside has that rustic feel with a touch of hipster with a mix of wooden and marble effect tables in the bar area. Downstairs there is a shelving unit selling all sorts of nice home touches and gifts.

We were guided upstairs where it started off quiet and slowly became obviously a very popular spot for Sunday lunch.

They have a Sunday menu that gives you a choice of meat accompanied by veg, Yorkshire puddings and either Dauphinoise or Boulangere potatoes. An aperitif board comes as a starter that is part of a package deal with the main, we had one meat and one veggie version.

The boards were a wonderful surprise, with a small selection of goodies to whet your appetite. The red pepper and tomato gazpacho was a big hit, I often turned my nose up at the idea of cold soup but this worked really well.

For our roasts, James had the slow roast belly of pork with crackling and apple sauce, whilst I opted for the smoked slow roasted shoulder of lamb with salsa verde.

The veg was a shared portion of spring greens, sugar snap peas, fennel, toasted hazelnut and goats cheese salad.

The food was incredible. We had both types of potatoes, with one being deliciously garlicky and the other suitably creamy. The meats were cooked to perfection and the lamb melted in my mouth. The light veg accompaniment was all we needed and balanced the meals out really well.

Unsurprisingly we didn’t have room for puddings which was a shame as they had a few tempting offers. The menu in the week also sounds worthy of another visit.

We took the long way back to the car, weaving in and out of the small, quaint streets and popping into a couple of the local shops. I’m already planning our next visit!

To find out more, visit their website here.


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