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Root, Cargo 1 – Bristol

James and I are vegetarian about 5 days out of 7. It’s not something we’ve actively decided, it’s just that we don’t tend to buy meat or cook it whilst at home. Whilst I could never give up meat entirely, (a life without burgers and bacon is not even worth thinking about), but I think we both feel better for it.

The times when we do eat meat is when we go out for dinner. However, if you decide to go to Root, you’re often better off sticking to the veg.

Root is located where Chicken Shed used to be at Wapping Wharf, in the Cargo 1 units and is one of our new favs. We weren’t huge fans of the Chicken Shed so were even more delighted to find out it had been replaced with something a whole lot better.

The idea behind Root is to create meals or small plates that focus on something other than meat. Often meat is the main event in a meal however Root wants to challenge this. They still have meat on the menu for those hungry carnivores but it’s certainly worth removing those meaty instincts and have a taste of what they do best.

On our last visit we tried a range of stand-out dishes including the cider rarebit, the beetroot, the tomatoes varying in colours and flavour and the burrata. The latter I could have easily devoured on my own.

There are also several pudding options on offer including a large portion of cookies and milk, consisting of two quite big cookies and milky, creamy ice cream. I used to love drinking a glass of milk before bed, so that ice cream is worthy of being a stand alone dessert for me.

The beauty of eating lots of these small plates minus the meat is that you feel satisfied and full, but not sluggish and as though you have over-eaten. The dishes are interesting yet simple, and if this is what I could eat on a vegetarian diet then perhaps I could give up meat.

You can find out more about Root here.

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