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Farmdrop, the ethical grocer

I’m always trying to convince James we should do our food shopping online. Supermarkets are often overcrowded, full of other people who don’t really want to be there. There are offers at the end of every aisle trying to entice you into buying things you don’t actually want or need. You can come away with half a trolley full of items you never intended on buying!

It was so refreshing to hear what Farmdrop were doing when their email appeared in my inbox, inviting me to try out their service. Founded in London in 2014, Farmdrop are now on the move and delivering to the people of Bath and Bristol. You may have already seen them driving around in their environmentally-friendly electric delivery vans. Their mission is to fix the food chain; working with local farmers to deliver high-quality, locally sourced produce.

We hear all the time about large supermarket chains wasting unsold food and paying farmers an unfair cut. Farmdrop source from the local producer and deliver to your door in under a day, only harvesting what has been purchased. Farmers receive 75% of the purchase price, which is roughly double that of British supermarkets. It’s really nice to know that by buying from Farmdrop, you’re actually paying those that do all the hard graft.

The website is super user-friendly and has all your usuals like fruit, veg, meat, dairy and all the bits to stock up your pantry. You may even recognise some of the local producers. There are also a few items that you can treat yourself to that you may not get in other supermarkets.

We stocked up on wide variety of items for our first shop including Hobbs House bread, juicy tomatoes, oak-smoked bacon, lamb skewers, a couple of cheeses and chilli olives to name a few.

That evening we enjoyed the spinach and ricotta ravioli, which was somewhat of a revelation. Huge fresh pasta sheets encasing fresh ricotta and spinach – quite different from other supermarket offerings!

We had some friends over a couple of days after our delivery who enjoyed using the unsalted butter from Brue Valley Farms so much, he decided it was a sauce in itself and continued to slather it all over his breakfast. An interesting edition to bacon and avocado but high praise indeed.

Farmdrop is using mobile technology to cut out the non-essential steps in getting food from the farmer to the customer. When you place an order online, you can choose between a free six hour delivery slot or a £3 one hour delivery slot. The farmer then only harvests the produce ordered, sending it to the Farmdrop hub where it is then delivered the same day to the customer. These guys are already five times faster than supermarkets!

To find out more or to get an order in, visit the website and enjoy feeling less guilty about spending money on food.

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