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Pasta Loco; worth giving up any carb-free diet

I can’t remember the last time I saw so much buzz around an Italian restaurant before, so not long after it opened, James and I booked up a table and got ourselves along to Pasta Loco.

Pizza restaurants are all the rage in Bristol at the moment, so finding some good dough isn’t too tricky but pasta, well that seems a bit of a stretch.

Being wowed over by pasta seems an odd statement to make but when it’s made from scratch and done oh-so-well, you can’t help but feel like you’re missing out when you’re not trying a new recipe from the guys at Pasta Loco every night.

I follow their Twitter feed with my mouth often half open, salivating over their tweets of new concoctions. Jealous that I’m sat at a computer screen on my lunch break about to tuck into the same salad I’ve made for the last 5 months..

However, one of those lunch times I knew that in only a few hours I would be devouring a beautiful carb-ilicious dream.

On arrival we were given a glass of bubbles whilst we read through both the cocktail and food menus.


dsc_0286 dsc_0301

We both picked a cocktail and got our food orders in pronto.

The interior is quite small, hence why you need to book up early, the lighting is soft so it feels somewhat intimate, however it can be quite noisy at times with larger groups. This could just be the anticipation of what’s to come.


Soon enough, our table was decorated with two beautiful plates of food.


A heritage tomato salad with goats curd for James.


An antipasti of proscuitto, peach and provolone cheese for me. Both light and refreshing dishes, that weren’t going to fill us up before the main event which followed.

dsc_0290 dsc_0291

Conchiglie with n’duja, sicilian tomatoes and mascarpone. A huge portion of freshly made pasta, with a thick coating of this creamy yet spicy sauce.

dsc_0292 dsc_0293

James went for the Gnocchi with ox cheek and dark chocolate ragu with cavolo nero. A flavoursome and rich sauce, with tender meat that fell apart before it even got to his mouth.


With a side of foccacia to mop up any sauces.

Even after all that we hadn’t quite had our fill. Or perhaps we had and we were just being greedy but we decided to end the meal on a high with a hit of sugar.


A plum, pistachio and mascarpone cannoli that offered a great mix of tartness from the plum and creaminess from the mascarpone.

Pasta Loco is a rare find. They’ve managed to take something like pasta, a staple meal in most homes and turn it into something very special. I’m looking forward to my next visit, especially now it’s getting colder – I need to up my carb fix!

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