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Homeware Haul: The new light of my life

Since moving in with James I’ve tried to make some small adjustments around the house, which he’s mostly been open to. We’re currently in discussions about a coffee table and why it needs to be so big.

It’s all about compromise and why in fact a large coffee table will look great in the living room.

The house still needs a few more touches to get it feeling homely and less bachelor pad in my opinion. There is the occasional candle dotted around, a vanity table and a crazy cat lady mug that signals there is a woman living here.

Adding pieces that balance the gender isn’t really the aim but after moving away from home and not having a complete blank canvas you’ve got to fit in around what’s already there without drastically changing and upsetting the order.

Slowly but surely we have done some changes to the bedroom, rearranged the living room and I’ve starting painting the bathroom.

Lighting is also a big factor. I don’t like to sit in a room with the full lights on unless I’m reading or making something. The rest of the time I enjoy lamps, side lights or candles to make up the lighting. Yes, James looked at me a little odd when I confessed this to him too.

So since the big move just over a year ago, we have accumulated 6 new lamps and our most recent investment is a beauty.



I’m a huge fan of copper and loved the retro feel of this lamp. It’s almost become the feature of the living room and I enjoy switching it on of an evening, with a cup of tea in my hand and James cuddled up next to me. Signalling we’ve settled down for the evening and we can fully relax for the next hour or so.


Now the days are getting shorter, I can get more use out of it. We purchased the lamp on a weekend trip back to Cheltenham from a independent store for just over £100. It’s nice to know you’ve invested in something more unique and not from a large Swedish homeware store. Hopefully this also means buying local shows your support for the community.

You know you’ve reached a certain age when you’re more than happy to spend more money on how to make your house look pretty, than a new pair of jeans. Or is that just me..?

If you could treat yourself to a new piece of decor or furniture, what would be the first item on your list?

This post is in conjunction with a project Ocean loans are running to give homes a little TLC this Autumn but I did still want to share my beautiful new lamp with you.

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