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Bravas, Cotham Hill, Bristol

James and I are off on holiday next week and I cannot bloomin’ wait. We are off to Prague to hopefully do a mix of eating, sightseeing and relaxing. I’m hoping we’ll catch the tail end of summer and it’ll still be warm but Autumn appears to be ready to grace us with it’s presence.

Autumn is the perfect excuse for a new winter coat and chelsea boots but I don’t think I’m ready to let go of Summer just yet – which is very unlike me.

Last week, I found one way of making myself believe we could still bask in the sunshine for a little longer – better yet convince myself I was in fact in a small bar in Spain.

The buzzing atmosphere of Bravas along Cotham Hill has just that effect. Bursting with customers eating, drinking, chatting either at tables, along the bar or in the window. The urban British city outside feels like a 1000 miles away.



The authentic tapas menu, the decor and the relaxed intimate surroundings make you feel very welcome. Just what you need after a busy day at work.

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We managed to squeeze into a cosy spot at the bar, ideal for getting our food and drink orders in pronto.


We started with a couple of gin cocktails and a mix of small tapas dishes to share.



Padron peppers; a great bite and deliciously salty.


Manchego cheese and quince jelly – probably one of my favourite cheeses.


Spiced carrot, fennel and mint salad.


A wonderful plate of meats including chorizo, dried beef and ‘fuet’ style sausage.


And of course, Patatas Bravas with a lovely crispy skin.

I spotted a rice pudding on the dessert menu, which was too hard to ignore. A meal isn’t really a meal, if it’s not polished off with something sweet.


Bravas has found a spot on my Bristol faves list and I can’t wait to return. Maybe I’ll go in the middle of winter to transport myself somewhere a little more tropical.

You can find out more here.

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