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The Nook, Bristol

James and I have gone and got these new super busy jobs recently, which we often get caught up in. It can sometimes be a struggle to wind down in the evenings if it’s been a particularly hectic one.

One of our favourite things to do, which coincidentally helps with the blog, is going out for a midweek treat. A nice meal and perhaps a cocktail or two.

Neither of us are now working directly in the city centre (well James nearly is) but lucky for us, a collection of great new restaurants and bars have opened up in the vicinity of where we live. So, as soon as we get back from work, we can take a short walk and find ourselves in an exciting new foodie hub.

One that’s a little more hidden is The Nook; located on Commercial Road next door to the old General Hospital.

We’d done some research before deciding on The Nook, and after reading some great things, we were surprised to find we had the place to ourselves.

But also secretly glad as it meant we got our food relatively quickly.


We were given a warm welcome, seated near the front and presented with the food menu.


With the place being so new, the cocktail menu hadn’t yet been established so we told the waiter what we liked and he returned with our very own personalised drinks; a twist on an elderflower collins, and a smokey long island iced-tea.



The menu has a mixture of small and large tantalising dishes, which we perused for probably a little longer than most. Eventually coming to a decision on both starters and mains.


Scallops with crispy bacon, fondant potatoes and a sweet, BBQ, maple sauce that almost has me dribbling just thinking about. James could have easily licked the dish clean!


A spicy chorizo and prawn salad, a new addition to the menu just that day which’ll hopefully be staying.

So far so good; the mains had a lot to live up to after some pretty special starters.

DSC_0969 DSC_0971

After a particularly lavish starter of scallops, I fancied something a bit messier in the form of a venison cheese burger for my main. The burger was cooked perfectly and went great with their homemade ketchup and BBQ sauce.


James’ main was a little more delicate and made up of cauliflower puree, carrots, pork belly and scallops. The pork and scallops complimented each other really well. With a crispy edge to the pork and the softness of the scallops – a great combination of flavours and textures. In fact he hailed it as Michelin Star quality.

James was enjoying it so much, I had to get in there quick before he demolished it!


With a cheese board and one of our fav sweet desserts on offer, we had to indulge in a third course. Besides, the rest of the meal had been so great, we had to make sure the desserts could live up to the same standard. There’s method to our greediness!

DSC_0986 DSC_0989

The sticky toffee pudding was deliciously sweet, packed with dates but surprisingly light. It finished the meal and us off a treat.

Being slightly out of the way and with The General still being developed, it’s easy to overlook The Nook. But after experiencing their exceptional food and service it’s earned a permanent spot on our ‘where to eat’ list in Bristol.

With the food a mixture of fine dining and classic dishes, there is plenty to keep all appetites satisfied. A visit is highly recommended, you won’t regret it.

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