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The Wheatsheaf, Northleach

I love a country pub. They’re very British so I feel a little patriotic, they usually come with a warm open fire and their portion sizes keep you full the entire day.

What’s not to love.

They’re also usually plonked in the middle of some pretty countryside with nothing but fields as far as the eye can see, or you stumble upon them in a quaint village that gives you the perfect excuse to do some exploring.

There was no stumbling with The Wheatsheaf as I’ve wanted to visit for some time now, but it is set in a beautiful Cotswold setting. So we booked up early and piled all the family into two cars.


A standard grey day that we’ve come very accustomed to of late, but the interior was a very warm welcome.


Cosy and inviting, it makes you feel at home. We managed to bag a prime spot, tucked away in our own area – probably for the best with our often random conversations and micky-taking of each other.


James and I kicked things off with a fruity cocktail (of course) whilst my mum and brother perused the extensive wine list – an impressive 20 pages!


My cocktail didn’t last long but luckily some lovely, warm bread was provided to soak up the gin that had the potential to make me feel quite tipsy on an empty stomach.


Those of us having starters went for a wide range of dishes that meant we could dip our forks into each others plates and get a good taste of the majority of the menu.


A large selection of cured meats, pickles and homemade coleslaw.


Twice baked cheddar souffle. Rich, creamy, not for the faint hearted – or those on a diet..


A pretty plate of carpaccio of orange, fennel, avocado, mint and pine nuts. Definitely one of the lighter dishes.


A wild mushroom risotto with a good sprinkle of parmesan.

First courses down we were all feeling pretty positive about what was coming next.

The reason for our outing was to celebrate Mother’s Day – a very delayed blog post, I know. Mum (and Dad) have had to put up with all sorts of trials and tribulations with my siblings and I, but they’ve done an alright job. If I do say so myself.


After some family posing, we were ready for round two. There were a lot of roasts going around, whereas James, my sister and I mixed things up a bit. We’re the wild ones.


The Sunday Roast, with large slices of perfectly cooked beef.


Ham hock salad with baby gem, blue cheese and tarragon. Light and refreshing.


Warm spiced pumpkin, slow roasted onion, chickpeas and a chilli dressing. Bursting with flavour and surprisingly filling.


Fish and chips in a great, crispy batter. Can’t go wrong with a staple like that.

Not wanting to leave feeling like we missed out on puddings we shared a couple that caught our attention.


Sticky date pudding, served with a salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. I could have easily taken this on alone.


Yogurt, honey and rose pannacotta with poached figs. Lovely delicate flavours that still hit the sweet spot.

All fuelled up and with the weather set to stay as it was, it was the perfect excuse to head home, cuddle up on the sofa and stick a boxset on – we are currently on a Gotham binge; it’s so addictive!

For more information and to book a table you can visit The Wheatsheaf’s website here.


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