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Wine and Cheese Tasting at Goldbrick House


I’ve recently trained my taste buds to enjoy olives. I know right, super sophisticated. That’s my main reason for doing it.

I have a similar goal with wine. I’m a big fan of the pink stuff,┬ápartial to a white and avoid the red. I don’t think my alcohol preferences have developed much since my teen days but I want this to change. Plus red wine is practically good for you it seems a shame to not take advantage of the benefits (don’t quote me on that, I’m not a doctor).

With this in mind we booked up a civilised evening of cheese and wine tasting at Goldbrick House. I’ve enjoyed several nights of cocktail drinking here, so if the wine was up to similar standards, we were in for a good evening.

image image

The event took place in the Orangery and was hosted by Louis Boutinot from Waterkloof Wines and Ben from Pong Cheese.

Waterkloof wines has earned numerous awards and features in some of the world’s top restaurants including Noma and The Fat Duck.


The cheeses were from from local Bath company Pong Cheese.

We started with two white wines, a Sauvignon Blanc which was paired with a goats cheese and a Chenin Blanc with a Bayden blue cheese.

image image image

I’m still not convinced by blue cheese, the concept of eating mould perplexes me but the goats cheese really brought out the fruity flavours of the Sauvignon Blanc.


We then moved on to the reds. A Waterkloof Seriously Cool paired with a Chellington by Wodehill Dairy and a Waterkloof Circle of Life with a Westcombe Cheddar.

image image image image

I feel bad for dismissing red wines without really giving them a chance. Both went down surprisingly easy.

A lovely evening and a great little lesson in how different cheeses can enhance and compliment the flavour of the wine.


Goldbrick House have plenty of other events going on throughout the rest of the year. Check out their website here.

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