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Food Connections: At-Bristol events

This is an incredibly late post. I’ve had so much to write about recently, it’s been hard to keep up. I didn’t want to sweep these events under the carpet though even if they are a little dated. I’m going with better late than never.

So Bristol’s Food Connections week took place at the beginning of May. I blogged about one of the other events I went to, the Surplus Food Banquet here. After an enjoyable evening there, I was looking forward to the next two events we’d booked up – both of which took place at At-Bristol.

First of which was After Hours. At-Bristol is an interactive science centre, which attracts hundreds of visitors a day. This evening denied access to children and allowed adults to roam freely around the exhibits and regress for a few hours. With an alcoholic beverage in hand.

Genius idea.

There was a foodie theme to some of the experiments. You got to concoct your own spices with a mix of your choice and test your taste buds with sweet, sour or salty flavours.

_DSC0732 _DSC0734 _DSC0760

You were also able to visit the 3D Planetarium. This at first made me feel a little queasy moving around the sky, (or it could have just been the wine) but it was great fun delving deeper into our solar system and having a good old explore of Saturn. I’d highly recommend it.


There are plenty of interactive experiments to keep your inner child entertained. The perfect excuse to act like a big kid. Whilst working on Finding Neverland, Dustin Hoffman offers the advise; Be mature, but don’t ever grow up. Which I quite like to live by.

_DSC0741 _DSC0750 _DSC0752 _DSC0753 _DSC0755 _DSC0757 _DSC0759 _DSC0761

The next evening at At-Bristol was a little more grown up. I switched my running-around-shoes to a pair of heels and put my glad-rags on for an evening of fancy food, jazz music, bubbles and speeches.

_DSC0832 _DSC0833 _DSC0835 _DSC0838

We’d bought tickets for the last event of the Food Connections week, a Gala Dinner promoting the use of Fair Trade. The three-course dinner was created by Michelin Starred chefs from Casamia, using Fair Trade and locally sourced produce.


I’ve yet to visit Casamia but this was a great taster of what is to be expected from the restaurant. It is now high on the to-do list.

Original intentions for booking up the tickets was to sample some good food but actually found the world of Fair Trade really insightful. We were sat with a couple who produced fair trade clothing, mainly school wear and it was interesting to hear about how they do business.

_DSC0837 _DSC0840_DSC0842

After an introductory speech, the food started to appear from the kitchen.

_DSC0848 _DSC0845_DSC0849_DSC0855 _DSC0864 _DSC0865

The food was all spot on but the highlight for me was the lamb. It was faultless and paired beautifully with sweet vegetables, both solid and puréed. I’m not a huge fan of coffee flavoured foods so the Tiramisu was a little wasted on me, however the human food bin next to me was more than happy to finish it off.

The evening ended with a speech from TV chef Allegra McEvedy and a lovely nighttime walk along the river.


Thank you Food Connections for a great mix of events, I’m already looking to what you have planned for 2016.

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