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Book review: Farfetch Curates Food


If I had to pick the top four things I was passionate about I’d go with food, travel, fashion and photography. Luckily for me the people at Farfetch have gone and published a book that encompasses all of this.


The idea behind Farfetch Curates Food is to give an insight into what is happening in the world of food and drink right now, taking us on a journey and exploring places like New York, London, Singapore and Sydney. Yet still retaining that fashion viewpoint by talking to Farfetch boutique owners as well as local chefs.


The book is split up into different meal times with sections from food and fashion bloggers, including recipes, trendy places to eat and what people are eating in specific countries. One of the first chapters, The Breakfast Club, gives recommendations on the most delectable breaksfasts from around the world. It makes you want to grab a backpack and go out and try them all.


One of my favourite parts of the book are the Healthy measures vs. Guilty pleasures pages. There is one for Breakfast, Lunch and After Dinner, identifying the choices between a healthy option or a not so healthy option. I like to think as long as you keep the balance right you can indulge in a bit of both – that’s my moto anyway!


The book has the most stunning vibrant photography that draws your eye to the most tantilizing food. It inspires you to get into the kitchen and cook up something pretty. It exemplifies how beautiful food really can be and that the people that create these dishes are not just chefs but artists.

The illustrations dotted throughout are quirky and a nice added feature too.

foodie-7 foodie-8

Farfetch Curates Food is a great little read for those like me who have a passion for trying new foods, exploring the globe whilst still maintaining a bit of style.

You can purchase the book here.

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