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Archery anyone?

Random, I hear you say. Perhaps. But I have my reasons.

I still remember my early school years well. Playing duck-duck-goose or British bulldog (when it was allowed), spin the bottle and making my first ever boyfriend cry because I broke things off. Tough life lessons back then.

Although shy I also remember getting told off a couple of times for silly things like when a friend and I ‘borrowed’ all the rubbers from everyone’s tables and kept them to ourselves. Or the time my friends fluffy hair scrunchie began to molt during reading time, which I obviously found hilarious so got sent to the back of the classroom.

We went on plenty of day trips during primary school but it wasn’t until the final year that the teachers finally gave our parents a full weeks break away from us.

When I started secondary school I recounted our week away to new friends, one girl told me her school took her class to France. We went to Wales.

It was called PGL – I can’t remember what that acronym stood for but we went with ‘Parents Get Lost’. It was a jam-packed week of adventure, outdoor activities and challenges I can’t even imagine doing today.

pgl2 pgl3pgl1

There were parts that I didn’t enjoy so much like abseiling and climbing Jacob’s ladder. Then there were the parts I loved like raft building, fencing, kayaking and archery.

But archery was the one that stood out the most. I have this distinct memory of being quite good and really enjoying it that I’ve mentioned a couple of times how I wouldn’t mind giving it another go.

So that’s what we did on Sunday.

We arrived promptly at Batsford Arboretum and met our instructor Neil. He gave us a quick yet detailed demonstration of how to use the bow before strapping our arms up and handing the reigns over to us.


I started off really well, beating Alan’s score for the first three rounds and even managing to shoot into the inner yellow circle a couple of times.

There are several bows you have a go at, with the next one being slightly heavier. This is where I struggled.

archery-9 archery-10 archery-11

Pulling the string and bow further apart is a lot harder than it looks! You are pushing with your left hand and pulling with your right, all the way back to your jaw line.

Alan takes the mick out of my gangly arms and I think this is where they finally let me down. If you want something from the back of the sofa, I’m your girl. If you want an archer, I’ll probably do more harm than good.

I left the final bow to Alan as he managed to get pretty good.

archery-12 archery-13

A lot of fun and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I probably have as many bruises as Katniss Everdeen got in The Hunger Games but I’ll leave the archery to her.


You can find out about the Cotswold Archery here.

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