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A guide to blogging


I’m no expert blogger and sometimes I’m not a very good blogger, leaving it weeks between posts. I hate when that happens but often life gets in the way or I’m just not doing anything exciting enough to share! I never tire of it though, I love posting about what I’ve been up to, where I’ve been or just rambling on – even if no one is listening. It’s a great little hobby, that has lots of benefits and I think everyone should have a blog.

The lovely people at Farfetch sent me a gorgeous infographic full of tips and tricks of how to take your blog to the next level.


1. Be consistent. Apart from the weekend, I have no plan as to when I’ll send out posts. Try to keep a schedule, that way readers know when to check your blog.

2. Choose quality over quantity. Writing about something you’re passionate about shows, especially compared to those posts you feel obligated to write. Adding your own perspective on something can help make it more personal and memorable.

3. Keep a note of ideas. You never know when you may be hit with inspiration for a blog post. I often create drafts of posts so I know to come back to them.


4. Use pictures to help tell a story.  A whole page of writing can put people off, pictures often give readers an idea of what the blog post is about and entice them in. Bloggers don’t always have to be the best writers, like they say a picture tells a thousand words.


5. Build a community. Get to know your readers as well as other bloggers. Blogging should not be about competing with another blog, it should be more about connecting with like-minded people. Using social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ are great for this.


6. Host a giveaway. A fun way to drum up interest or thank your readers is by hosting a giveaway. Giving them a chance to win something that you yourself want or have recommended.

7. Plan a meet up. Arranging a meet up either via your blog or social media is a great way to meet readers and other local bloggers. It’s nice to be able to thank people in person for following your blog. You could plan your meet up around an industry event or simply host a picnic in the park.

I’ve been doing this for over two years now so I’ve learnt things along the way, however if you stick to these tips there’s only one way your blog can go.

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