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Chapter 4 of our self-build story: Turning a house into a home

I can’t believe we’ve only been in our new house 3 months, it feels so much like home now I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

We moved in around Christmas and had agreed to host, before having used any of the new kitchen or found places for saucepans – somewhat optimistic, but we made it and have since hosted lots of friends and family and have found it the perfect space for entertaining.

We pretty much had all our weekends booked up for the first two months, having friends stay over and cooking for family. It has only been the last few weeks where we’ve been able to properly settle and add more homely touches.

There’s still more to do and that has been even more apparent since taking photographs this weekend. It’s easier to notice the overcrowded areas or the rooms slightly lacking in personality when you see them through a camera lens. Apart from James’s study – I know that’s a mess, with or without the camera.

So here is the house so far, the garden still needs attention but we just need it to stop raining, which is hard to imagine these days!

Entrance hall:



Kitchen-Sitting room:

Dining room:

Utility room (rations for Coronavirus*) :

*jokes. James has always liked to overstock our larder.

Master bedroom:

Dressing room:


Family Bathroom:

Spare room 1:

Spare room 2:

And that’s our home. Just as we designed it, which we feel incredibly lucky to have done. There’s still work to be done and themes for some of the rooms to be finessed, but overall we’re really happy with how it’s come together.

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