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Chapter 3 of our self-build story: Going up

It’s been over a year since I wrote the last feature on our house build; at the time we were just up to the first floor and things had progressed rapidly.

So, did something go horribly wrong, as you might have expected if you’ve ever watched Grand Designs, or has it just been a very busy last 12 months and blogging’s taken a back seat…? Well I’m very pleased to report that it’s the latter of those two option: With the house build, moving in, Christmas, a demanding new job, Covid and a couple of new furry additions, writing for fun sadly hasn’t had much of a look in, but hopefully we can start putting that right now!

We finished Chapter 2 with a hole in the floor, so let’s pick up there with said hole, and Steph’s head poking through!

The first floor walls went up in no time:

And then the roof arrived, the mother of all flat-packed furniture!

Thankfully we had a team ready to assemble it and they weren’t short of experience; our crane and crane operator were vying for the ‘Oldest on site’ top spot! I’m not sure who claimed the title, but they got the job done which is all we cared about (and that they both made it off site safely, which they did!).

After that it was time for internal first floor walls, and then tiling the roof.

The stairs, wiring and plumbing went in   

And then the plastering. Why mess around with ladders when you can just wear stilts!

A lick of paint, a few tiles, a kitchen and couple of bathrooms later and we’re pretty much there. The only thing which stopped us moving in in in October was the fact the electricity board were hopeless and didn’t connect us until three months after they initially said they would (particularly frustrating given the crazy amount they charge for a connection!). That was the only hold up we had though so we’re counting ourselves very lucky, and we even got in just before Christmas, which was the best present we could have had!

Our build team were fantastic; everything from the ground works, through the build to the heating, electrics and plumbing was first class and if you’re considering a similar project then get in touch and I’ll be happy to discuss the details (they do only do full new builds though- not renovations or smaller part-jobs).

Here’s the finished house (minus a garage door) and a couple of arty pics to round out this penultimate chapter of our self-build story.

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