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It can’t have escaped your attention that climate change is a pretty hot topic at the moment. Recently Bristol (and other cities around the UK) were significantly inconvenienced by protesters ‘spreading the message’ that we need to act now. Whilst I saw a few diehards actually on the picket line, the vast majority seemed to just be enjoying a festival in Castle Park. I was away when it started raining but I would’ve been interested to see how many stuck around when the going got tough!

If not from someone handing out a flier in the park, where do you go for information about the real big picture, rather than the view of a few extremists? My go-to news source used to be the BBC, but like any other news agency, they have their own agenda and biases and they seem to be ignoring information from the scientific community which helps tell the full story.

What if there was no need for knee-jerk panic, and for many millions of years, the world had been going through periods of hot and cold; cycles which take hundreds of thousands of years to play out and which, in the grand scheme of things, modern humans have only been part of for a tiny amount of time?

My dad, who is retired and so has a fair bit of time on his hands, has an inquiring mind and thirst for facts and wanted to get to the root of all this. In his search for the truth he has trawled through massive amounts of information from all manner of sources, and if you’re interested you can read about his findings here: Climate Change. It’s quite a long and technical read so grab a cuppa and make yourself comfortable!

It’s important to note that this research is not denying that, as a planet, we have huge environmental issues; but it adds depth to the rather one-dimensional public debate, including things I’d never considered before.

The rate which the human race is creating manufactured waste, using natural resources, and causing suffering to countless animals is devastating and needs to be addressed in a meaningful and actionable way

This isn’t a forum for debate, but if you notice any factual inaccuracies please do comment.   

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