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New Moon, Clifton

James doesn’t have many weaknesses or faults, in a nutshell he’s pretty great. He does however, struggle slightly with memory failure. It may also be that he’s not always listening to me jabbering on but I’m not going to delve too deep into the reasons he can’t remember things I’ve told him as that could be dangerous for our marriage. I knew one thing I had mentioned to him on more than one occasion was that we needed to visit New Moon in Clifton.

I love the fact you don’t have go far in Bristol for a good tapas bar and New Moon is one of them. What’s better than small plates of lots of different foods and flavours to pick at whilst sipping on a cocktail or glass of wine? It suits the dainty eaters and those with larger appetites as you can just keep ordering, and if you discover a dish you really love, go and order it again!

We booked up a table one Saturday evening, it’s a popular one so you need to plan in advance especially on the weekends. On entering it appears quite small but there is seating downstairs, the atmosphere is romantic and intimate, with a great selection of art adorning the walls.

We got settled, got our cocktail orders in and chose a handful of dishes to try. The special thing about New Moon is that their food is global, they haven’t just narrowed your selection down to Spanish tapas for example, they’ve given you full reign on small plates of great food from all over the world.

This also means it’s super hard to narrow down your choices and not just try everything. We started off with a select few to get us going, with the idea of ordering more further along the meal.

We started off with some olives.

Prawns in this delicious creamy, curry sauce.

Aubergine with goats cheese.

Homemade houmous dips with pitta.

Calamari, croquettes and patatas bravas (the latter I didn’t get a shot of as the dishes were coming in thick and fast).

Our food arrived pretty quickly and the only negative we had was that it all arrived at the same time on a very small table so we had to move things around, take food off other plates so we could make room. So top tip for us is either book a bigger table to accommodate our large appetites or order gradually.

It’s perfect for a date-night, or friends who are willing to share. Go along for a graze with some drinks, or go crazy and order the entire menu – either way you won’t regret it.

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