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Pinkmans, Bristol

Bristol’s got dozens of bakeries, pizza places and coffee shops. If you want a fantastic bakery Harts or Hobbs will see you right. If you want great pizza head along to Bertha’s or Pizzarova. If you want coffee I can’t help you with specifics as I don’t drink the muck, but there’s plenty of coffee shops in town so I’m sure you’ll find somewhere which’ll willingly take your hard-earned money, grind it up, stew it with hot water and give you a cup of bitter liquid. Did I mention I’m not a fan?

What Bristol’s been missing until recently now though is somewhere which does all three – breads/bakes, pizza and coffee. Well done Pinkmans for spotting this glaring gap in the market and stepping up to the task whole-heartedly.

And it really works! We visited on a Sunday mid-afternoon and the place was packed with people enjoying a late lunch, early dinner, mid afternoon snack, or, in the case of some of the students, maybe even breakfast! Pinkmans have something for everyone, whatever time of day, and whatever your appetite. And from what we tried, it’s really good stuff! I’d go so far as to say that the pizza’s are up there with the best in Bristol!

They’re good value too, and apparently after 17.00 you can get a beer and pizza for £10 which is fantastic value. They even do cocktails, and incredible looking cakes so you’re bound to leave completely satisfied.

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