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Rack ’em up

On a recent holiday we were reintroduced to pool, both the wet and splashy type, and the balls in pocket version. The first was a necessity; it was mighty hot in Rhodes and during the day being in the sea or a pool, or an air-conditioned room, was the only option. Later in the evenings though it was a touch cooler and our pre or post dinner entertainment often included shooting a bit of pool (the hotel cabaret wasn’t up to much!).

I’m very competitive, but Steph isn’t normally, so I was surprised when I saw an edge to her rarely seen before. We, ahem ‘pooled’ our resources (sorry!) sometimes too and took on another couple in a bit of doubles, which normally resulted in a bit less arguing as we shared the outcome, win or lose.

Back in Bristol it’s considerable cooler now, and whilst we have no need for swimming pools, we’ve found a great haunt on Corn Street which has allowed us to continue our pool playing. Felson’s is next to Natwest bank, tucked away upstairs. You’ll know you’re in the right place once you step inside – it’s decorated with some great pool-inspired graffiti.

Fenson’s describes itself as a ‘Cocktail Lounge & Stick Hall’. If they added ‘Snack Den’ to that it’d cover the lot. It’s a nice bar with plenty of stools and tables to sit at if you’re not ready for a game, and there’s a great selection of drinks, including a pretty great pina colada, and food, including wraps, fries, nachos and even a bucket of 100 chicken wings if you’re a sharer (or just damn greedy!) We tried a bit of everything and could happily have kept on going had we not gorged ourselves!

The pool tables are gorgeous (if that’s not a weird way to describe a table!) and the place has a classy feel, a lot like Goldbrick House if you ever had the pleasure of going there. Tables are charged by the hour on a pro-rata basis, and Wednesday nights are half price (along with a variety of other offers nights and happy hour deals).

Whether you’re a pool shark, or a complete beginner, this is a great place to go with a partner or friends; we’ve already been back with friends and showed off our skills (or lack of).

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