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We got married!

It’s been nearly a month since James and I got married and I’ve finally adjusted to life without planning a wedding.

We took the whole planning thing very relaxed right up until the last week so I didn’t think I’d miss it so much, but it’s strange not having this big event to work towards. I guess I’ve been suffering slightly from post-wedding blues but we’ve recently been sent our wedding photographs and have been able to enjoy the day all over again.

It’s true what they say about the whole thing going by so quickly and the pressure you put upon yourself to make sure you’ve spoken to everyone. I think we were both pretty exhausted by the end of the day, the week’s run up was a mixed bag of highs and lows, the latter almost made me question why were doing this big wedding in the first place!

Let me explain.

As James and I were having the ceremony at my parent’s house we had to get legally married a few days before at Bristol Registry Office. We enjoyed a surprisingly personal and touching ceremony that left me feeling all warm and totally head over heels in love with James. The seriousness was kind of intense but the commitment I was making to him felt so easy and made me incredibly happy.

We celebrated with my parents and James’s dad at The Pig in Bath for lunch, on a glorious sunny day. James and I stayed the night in the hotel before making our way over to my parent’s the following afternoon. It was time to prep for the big day.

Over the next few days we had suppliers arrive with marquees, furniture, toilets and friends that were coming over early to help with setting up. The benefits of having it at your parent’s house is that you can start this a little earlier. Well, so we hoped.

The glorious May weather we had been having for the last 3 weeks began to turn and we were hit with some pretty impressive downpours about 48 hours before the wedding. We had joked months before how guests may need wellies if we weren’t lucky with the weather and now it looked as though that could be true.

Now, you’re all probably thinking, what did you expect? You’re getting married in England, a country that has probably the most unpredictable weather and it rains A LOT.

I guess I got romantically involved with having a garden wedding and when it looked liked that was no longer going to happen, I got upset. The last couple of days leading up to the wedding I was feeling low and couldn’t believe the wedding we had dreamed of wasn’t going to go to plan.

The morning of the wedding soon came, I hadn’t slept very well the night before as there was still lots to do – a lot of stuff couldn’t be set up because of the weather. We were all still pinning our hopes on some miraculous sunshine turning up.

The wedding was at 3pm so I had until midday to help with organising things and then it was time to hand things over to everyone else whilst I had my hair and make-up done. My mum and sister were also being pampered so it was a chance to finally unwind and let the day just go ahead, whatever the weather and enjoy the luxuries of being the bride.

At about 2.30pm as I was having the final touches done to my make-up, I could see some of our guests beginning to arrive and as if by magic, the sun started to shine. All my stresses of the week began to melt away and I couldn’t quite believe how lucky we were – which was a theme, and a strong statement throughout the whole day.

My mum and sister helped me get into my dress, then my other bridesmaids Emma and Erin came up to see me. It was pretty emotional and the nerves of being the centre of attention started to bubble within me but having my closest friends and sister by my side really helped settle them. The only problem now was that we were missing a groom.

It was 3pm and if James and I hadn’t already done the official wedding ceremony, I probably would have started to panic that he was going to be a no-show. Most of the guests had seen James running around doing the final touches in a hoody and shorts, it was only when he’d been told a tenth time that he should get ready that he dashed back to the cabin that we were staying in up the road and got into his glad rags.

The rest of the day was almost a blur, it wasn’t until we got the photographs back that we could re-live it all again at a much steadier pace. We both had the most amazing day, I think my face hurt the next day from smiling so much.

It was the wedding that we both planned and hoped it would be. Almost a party, with wedding elements. My favourite part was probably the ceremony, as we had given ourselves complete freedom on what was said. I was able to share what I loved about James and make promises that mean something to us in front of all our friends and family. It was also great seeing our guests enjoy the touches we had designed and the home-made pieces, like all the games. If it had been raining, all of that would have been wasted.

There are minor details I would have done differently but that would have probably involved me having fortune telling powers that could have told me not to worry about the weather and enjoy the lead-up to our wedding day. But in all honesty, I like to think everyone had a great time and we loved every minute of it.

Anyway, I’ve blabbed far longer than I planned to but this is one of those blog posts I’ll want to look back on and read in years to come. Here are just some of our photos from the day, courtesy of our amazing photographer Felix Russell-Saw.


  • Jane

    Steph this is am amazing blog and so reflects the day. It was wonderful and magical. The photos are beautiful and true, it was so worth the effort and it was great fun all those weekends of painting, making, sawing, nailing, mowing, hoeing, weeding and getting very tired but elated. Would do it all again in a heart ♥ xx

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