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Takeaway you don’t need to feel guilty about!

We eat out a fair bit. What can we say- it’s something we enjoy! Sometimes though, after a hard or long day, you can’t beat a takeaway can you?! No getting ready to go out, no travelling, no food preparation or cooking, and minimal tidying up; it’s win, win, win, win!

As if that wasn’t enough, how about a couple more for luck? What about adding, doing something positive for the world to that list. Well the good people at have done just that!

You go on to their website and, like many others, you simply put in your postcode and are presented with the takeaway options near you. The difference is that for every meal you order, a meal is also given to a hungry child in Bangladesh! And they have a rewards programme too, so you can build up credit off your next takeaway. What a couple of great wins!

All that good-will might help ease your conscience about that extra dish you sneaked in before checking out!

We had a great little spread from a new find for us; Redhot Goodies, on North Street in Bristol. Succulent grilled chicken satay skewers, delicious salt and chilli king prawns, and tangy, spicy, sweet and crispy chicken and chilli beef.

It was all sensational and it’s making me salivate just thinking about it now as I write; must be lunch time!

You can also book a table on the Kukd site and still earn reward point. So enjoy something tasty and try

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