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The Bath Pig

James and I successfully passed our Marriage interview towards the end of last year, meaning we can now officially get married at Bristol Registry Office. Whoop!

We’re doing things a little differently to some in that we’re doing the signing of the papers and the legal stuff a few days before our actual wedding. We decided it would be nice to keep the whole day at one location, save our guests having to move around and giving us complete freedom for the main event.

We’d still like to celebrate the legal bit so have decided to visit The Pig in Bath. We’ve frequented the restaurant a few times now and our last trip was as lovely as ever; it really deserves a write-up.

The menu is largely dictated by what is available in their large garden and greenhouses. We walked through and caught some of the gardeners tending to the patches.

It’s jam-packed with a variety of fruit and vegetables growing, it’s lovely to take a wander post dinner which we planned on doing as our rumbling bellies we’re far too keen on getting to the restaurant.

Luckily once you’re seated at your table, The Pig is one of those wonderful places that starts you off with a small bread basket along with some butter. My favourite kind of establishments. We tucked into this whilst choosing a cocktail and our meal.

The interior reflects the outdoors with many plant pots dotted around and paintings of vegetables hung on the walls. I’m really keen to recreate this style for our wedding next year.

Next to us was a chilli plant that we both tried. Well James tried first and it almost blew his head off, so I decided to wait and add (slightly less) to my dinner.

For starters we had the mackerel with sweetcorn salsa and whilst at The Pig you need to have at least a little bit of pig.

For mains I went for the kale risotto and James tends to opt for several sides or starters instead of a main. He went for the heritage carrots, mix of homegrown tomatoes, chips and the best thing since sliced bread – crispy tobacco onions.

If none of the other photographs are selling The Pig to you, at least go for the crispy onions. They’re highly addictive.

For dessert the sun had decided to come out so we sat outside and enjoyed our strawberry and elderflower pudding beneath the warmth of the sunshine.

Before leaving we took another walk around the gardens, dreaming of the day we would have our big garden to grow our own vegetables and live a little more sustainably.

Don’t forget to also visit the pigs before you leave!

The Pig has several locations across the south. Find out more here.

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