Last minute Christmas inspiration

Hopefully most of you reading this will be all set for the festive break and be down to picking up the last few bits before the madness begins. It’s probably a bit late for online orders to be delivered in time, so if you can face the traffic and crowds then there’s a one-stop-shop which will have an answer to most of your Christmas questions: Homesense have a great range of cards, gift boxes & bags and wrapping papers.

There’s also a fantastic selection of table wares- little touches that make the biggest meal of the year- that little bit more special; including napkins and crackers.

And a choice of decorations which can be used year after year to help make those annual preparations that bit easier…

…including these wonderful nutcrackers

If you need any last minute pressies then there’s normally something for everyone with books, ornaments, lovely kitchen utensils and a choice of gadgets.

And if you’re smugly reading this, all set and ready to go, then a post-Christmas visit will no doubt present all sorts of even better Boxing Day bargains!

And now back to the wrapping and the annual showing of the Muppets Christmas Carol: Merry Christmas one and all!

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