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Our top Bristol Burgers

It wasn’t long ago that a burger seemed so simple, a bit of beef or chicken, lettuce leaves sandwiched between a bun. Perhaps with a dollop of ketchup. Fast forward to now and burgers have become a bit of an expert field. You can tell the difference between a good and bad burger, and it’s surprisingly easy to get wrong. There are so many things to consider, right down to the choice of bun.

Bristol is churning out burgers like there’s no tomorrow. You are never more than 10ft away from a burger joint.*

*not an actual fact, I’m just emphasising the burger craze at the moment.

The great thing about this is that most of them are doing really good burgers. Often when you want to go out for a burger, it’s a struggle to decide which ones you’re not going to have. With so many offerings, James and I have come up with our favourites. In no particular order:

Burger Theory

Having been residing in Kongs for a couple of years, Burger Theory now have their own restaurant on Baldwin Street. We visited not long after their opening and tested out their beef and chicken burgers. The chicken burger, named the Prairie Girl, is made up of southern fried chicken breast, with frank’s hot sauce and cool blue cheese dressing. It has all the right ingredients, done well, to possibly be the best chicken burger in Bristol.


This burger really stands out for me based on the sweet pickled onions balanced on top of the cheese. Such an ingenious idea, I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before. They bring a sweetness to the burger that compliments the cheese and meat perfectly. The seeded bun holds the whole thing together well but doesn’t distract from what’s inside.

Five Guys

Don’t judge us! But we love Five Guys. We know it’s a chain but we can’t deny our feelings for these filthy burgers. People often complain about the price because it sells itself as fast-food but when the standards are this high, we’re willing to pay. We both know our toppings, and love receiving them in their silver parcel straight from the prep counter. They’re slightly messy but provide great fuel for a day’s shopping in Cabot Circus.

Three Brothers

When we used to work in the city centre, many a lunch would be had at Three Brothers. Their lunchtime offer of burger and fries for £5 was too good to miss. Located on a boat on Bristol’s Harbourside the location wins hands-down. There is seating outside on the terrace for the warmer months and a welcoming warm fire inside when you want to escape the cold. Their burgers are always reliably great, with good topping options and veggie friendly choices.

The Hobgoblin

After a recent visit to Hobgoblin, it has made it’s way onto our list. With some great combinations going on, along with the naming of their burgers, we couldn’t believe it had taken us so long to give them a try. Also loving the fact they know you want fries with your burger, so they’re not an added extra. The burgers are juicy and piled high with your chosen toppings.

With burger places opening up all the time and still ones we have yet to visit, we’ll no doubt be adding to this list but for now, we believe these guys will satisfy all your burger cravings and more.

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