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Give your hair the 5-star treatment at Stuart Holmes, Cheltenham.

Stuart Holmes salon in Cheltenham is one of the town’s treasures. It is one of those places I feel completely confident in recommending to someone, even if that does mean it becomes increasingly popular.

I was lucky enough to be invited along to their Black Friday Bloggers week and having already visited Stuart Holmes, there was no way I was turning that invitation down.

Located in the town centre, opposite the town hall, the salon is in a prime location. Glistening in the late afternoon sun, helped along by their Christmas decorations, I entered the building along their red carpet already feeling a little bit glamorous.

I checked in at reception who kindly took my coat and asked if I’d like anything to drink, before heading into the lounge-type area where I waited for my appointment. The reception itself has a wall of products that are often used on your hair so if you like the sound, effect or smell of anything, you can get it before you leave. Super handy, especially when they’ve used a product on your hair that smells so good you could eat it.

The seating area, almost a separate room in itself, has three sofas to sink into along with a bowl of sweets and plenty of reading material including books stacked high on a bookshelf and every well-known current magazines tucked away under the coffee table. The Christmas decorations continued inside with a lovely Christmas tree in the corner.

I sipped away on my complimentary sparkling water before Hannah appeared and it was time to sort out my untidy mane.

My favourite part about Stuart Holmes and what I gush about to other people is how comfortable I feel just giving them guidelines or ideas of what I’m after. I’m very indecisive about what I want to do with my hair. When I’ve been to other salons, I’ll ask for their opinion and they’ll often look at my blankly. I showed Hannah some photos of styles I liked and the kind of colour I wanted to go, nothing too drastic but I wanted it to look fresher and at least be able to notice a difference. She suggested adding in some brown tones within the blonde to remove some of the more coppery tones – just what I was after!

I don’t tend to get my hair done that often, perhaps twice a year and that’s another reason why I love the Stuart Holmes salon. They develop this understanding of the type of person you are and when I explain my laziness in my hair routine, they know to create something quite natural with minimum upkeep and regrowth. Friends and family often can’t believe I only get my hair done about twice a year, all thanks to the hairdressers at Stuart Holmes.

I have long, thick hair so colouring can often take a while so I delved into some magazines whilst trying not to fall asleep in my relaxed state. Also, who doesn’t love their hair being played with.

I was left to develop on one of the sofas upstairs, grateful not to be sat in front of a mirror whilst I had hair a pack of tin foil on my head. I’m sure some people can pull this look off, unfortunately I’m not one of them. Once the dyes had done their thing, I was led up to the third floor where Hannah washed my hair and gave the colour a good checking over. Sometimes colours can come out either slightly darker or lighter to how expected, so a toner is needed to balance it out to the correct colour. Hannah added a toner to my hair to bring some of the blondes out a little more.

The washing of the hair can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience, but that wasn’t the case at Stuart Holmes. They have a leather pouf ready and waiting for you to put your feet up, lay back and enjoy an optional head massage.

After Hannah had finished washing out all the leftover dye I was handed over to Jake who was going to be cutting and blow-drying my hair.

He sat down with me and again, I had some idea of what I wanted but wasn’t 100% sure. I wanted to keep the length but add a bit more volume by including some long layers, with a bit of shaping around the face. After taking on my very-easily-tangled hair, Jake got to work.

We had a little chat about the salon and I was amazed to hear they have around 50 people working there. As I don’t frequent the hairdressers that often, every time I visit Stuart Holmes salon I notice how the junior staff progress in their careers. It’s nice to see how the company nurtures their staff and wants to see them develop in their profession.

Jake finished styling my hair with some curls and I could finally see the end result. Hannah came by again to see how the colour looked now it was all dry. They had both taken my flat, tired hair and given it some life, along with a bouncy bit of volume. The colour was spot on and I couldn’t have been happier!

I’m not one of those people who spend ages on their hair in the morning. I wash it about 3 times a week and in-between those days give it a spray of dry shampoo and I’m out the door. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not precious about my hair. I get pretty nervous about letting someone loose on my mane. Stuart Holmes is the only salon I feel I can go in and not worry about the outcome. I trust the expertise of the staff completely, both this and the level of customer service you receive is why I won’t go anywhere else.

I’ve already booked up my next appointment, a pre-wedding treat and I can’t wait to return. Thank you again for having me!

If you’d like to give your hair some 5-star treatment you can book on their website using their online booking system or give them a call. Also, make sure to sign up to the newsletter to receive a free £10 voucher plus expect to receive other special offers in your inbox. They book up quickly but you may still be able to get an appointment before Christmas. You can find the website here.

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