Oh, hello Spring

There are some surefire signs that Spring has finally sprung. The lighter evenings, the blossom filled trees dotted along the streets, even a bit of sunshine that has painted small freckles across my face.

You will also know it’s Spring and crave for more of that sunshine when you step into any HomeSense store. You’re welcomed with plenty of inspiration to spruce up the garden, whether that’s furniture, outside tableware or plant pots.

For those who don’t have a garden or are limited on space outdoors, there are still plenty of accessories to brighten up the home.

Welcome the floral decorations inside with easy to maintain synthetic flowers, along with infusers and candles that give off a fresh scent that’ll convince guests you have fresh flowers on tap.

Pastel coloured lamps are a lovely addition to any home; in fact any coloured lamp. I could quite easily take a trip to HomeSense every weekend and walk away with a new lamp!

Head to HomeSense soon and find the perfect products to brighten your home from the inside out.

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