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Pretty Prague Part 1

James and I had heard very good things about Prague. Both of our parents had visited and fallen for it’s charm so when we decided to squeeze in one last holiday last year, we knew exactly where we were going.

At the end of September we had two weddings over two back-to-back weekends over in Essex and Norwich, we decided that the week in between would be the perfect time to plan our trip for. When it came round to it the packing proved somewhat difficult; trying to decide what to wear to two weddings and one that is a week away is a little tricky but we succeeded in our mission.

We arrived in Prague in the early hours of the morning so checked into our hotel and went straight to bed. The next morning, feeling fully rested we were excited to get out and explore Prague for the first time. We made the most of the hotel breakfast and filled up on cheeses, meats, cereals and breads – carbs don’t count when you’re on holiday!

We’d booked up a Free Walking Tour, something I’d highly recommend for your first day in a new city. It gave us a great introduction to Prague, some of it’s interesting history and the opportunity to get our bearings. James and I work pretty well when it comes to wandering around somewhere new; he’s great at reading maps and I’m pretty good at remembering certain streets/roads/buildings if we need to return somewhere.

That first morning we ticked off a good majority of the iconic buildings and monuments around Prague, we also booked up another tour for later in the week.

Once we had left the tour, we continued our exploring of this beautiful city. We passed a Lego store on our travels, I say passed, James obviously had to go in which had several floors of memorabilia and limited edition sets.

We continued the toy theme by popping into Prague’s version of Hamley’s.

The city was celebrating the new season, with Autumn markets selling trinkets and traditional Czech cuisine.

As the sun was setting we went to grab some dinner before heading back to our hotel for some cocktails in the bar and grabbing an early night for another day of sightseeing.

The following day we decided to walk up to Prague Castle. We took the scenic route through a park, that had a bit of an incline offering great views of the city.

Prague is so photogenic, especially with the wonderful weather we were lucky to have, I had to remind myself to take it all in with my own eyes rather than through a camera lens.

We eventually made it to the castle; a beautiful building with intricate detail. We avoided queuing to go inside and just appreciated it from the outside.

We wandered back down into the city centre, passing vineyards and restaurants that set our tummies rumbling. We crossed the river and tucked into some meats and cheeses.

We enjoyed a sweet Czech delicacy of Trdelnik, filled with cream and strawberries. Pretty impossible to eat gracefully whilst walking the streets of Prague but a must nonetheless.

That evening we went to a restaurant across the road from our hotel and later fell into bed after another lovely day.

Part 2 coming up!

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