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Opso, London

The only time I’ve eaten Greek food is in Greece. It was on a family holiday to Halkidiki probably about 16 years ago now, where we visited the same restaurant nearly every evening. We had a greek salad to share with every meal and it was my first introduction to feta cheese. That was probably my main takeaway from that holiday; and also the fact we had terrible storms towards the end of the trip due to an earthquake that had devastated Athens – I was petrified it would make it’s way to us. Thankfully it didn’t and I’m hear to tell the tale of the second time I enjoyed greek food.

Minus the earthquake.

On a second evening in London we headed out to Marylebone where you’ll find Opso, a restaurant taking a modern twist on Greek cuisine. Don’t worry they still have feta!

Pick a cocktail from their unique selection or one of their variations of gin & tonic, and then try to hold yourself back from ordering all of the small plates on offer.

The staff are great and always on hand to explain any dishes, whether you need more or less food.

We went for a modest selection of all different types of dishes.

Grilled sourdough bread and Kalamata olives.

Creamy, moreish Tzatziki.

Dakos salad and Pastourmas.

Metsovone croquette.

Mini Soutzoukaki hot dog.

Chips with oregano.

We worked our way through the cocktails as quickly as we filled our bellies with delicious food. I can’t recommend the Apple Mastiha cocktail enough! Mastiha, a greek liquor with apple juice and an elderflower foam – dangerously gluggable.

We arrived early and almost had the place to ourselves, by the time it came to leaving the place was buzzing. I was hoping we had found a hidden gem however it seems the quality of Opso’s food and drink is pretty well known with the locals.

We finished things off with some greek donuts and marshmallows, along with a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ courtesy of the waitress.

We had a lovely evening and would recommend a visit to anyone visiting London any time soon. You can find out more about Opso here.

Does Bristol have any Greek restaurants that can rival this – or is this something we’re missing?


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