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Crafts and craft beer

Beer can be brewed in a couple of weeks, but sometimes it’s worth investing a bit more time in order to get a deeper, richer flavour. The team at the Meantime Brewing Company spend six weeks brewing their latest unique West Country Pilsner, and this inspired the ‘Make Time For It’ campaign.

Launched earlier this year, this campaign celebrates the master craftsmanship of their brewers and the care and attention put in to every keg and bottle produced. But more than that, the campaign is designed to highlight the abundance and quality of craftsmanship and innovation throughout the UK. Meantime set six of the best craftsmen across the country a challenge; to create a bespoke crafted piece in six weeks, the same six weeks it will take Meantime to brew them each a beer, inspired by their respective craft and personality. The end result will be a pop-up bar furnished with the items made, ranging from bar stools to hand blown glasses.

To raise awareness of the campaign Meantime is touring the country with its great range of beers, stopping at the cities which are home to the craftmen taking part in the challenge. We joined them on the fourth of the six city stops at the King Street Brewhouse in the heart of Bristol. For this leg of the journey the Meantime Brewing Company teamed up with Bristol Blue Glass, to create twentyfour hand-blown glasses.

James Adlington of Bristol Blue Glass has created a one-of-a-kind beer glass- the ‘Hourglass’; taking inspiration from Meantime’s beers and the time they dedicate to the craft of brewing. His creative glass design, elevates the artistry behind both crafts and is the perfect representation of the time that should be dedicated to brewing and enjoying a Meantime beer.

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We enjoyed a great selection of very fresh and flavoursome beers. The West Country Pilsner uses apples in the brewing process which gives it a really subtle cidery hint to the flavour.




We were also treated to a fantastic selection of King Street Brewhouse nibbles, including pulled pork burgers and duck terrine; we hope these will be making their way onto the main menu soon. To top up our snacks we got a portion of their deliciously rich and creamy American style mac’n’cheese!

The ‘Make Time For It’ campaign has its finale in London in October when the pop-up bar will be launched. The beer will then be available to purchase from Meantime’s online store, brewery shop and tasting rooms at the brewery in Greenwich. You can find our more here:

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