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Deliveroo celebrates it’s first birthday in Cheltenham

Once upon a time the takeaway scene was a whole different ball game. Your options were limited and more often than not, the quality was lacking.

However, since the launch of Deliveroo last year – Cheltenham folk have been able to enjoy some of the finest food delivered straight to the door. It’s the perfect balance between wanting to enjoy a delicious meal but struggling to find the energy to dress up and walk to a restaurant.

More than 25 restaurants have signed up to Deliveroo and over 70 jobs have been created for local people. There’s never a day where I don’t see Deliveroos zipping through the town, delivering to homes and offices all over Cheltenham via bicycle or moped. In their first year, the riders have covered over 77,324km!

Some of the top dishes ordered by fellow Cheltonians since the launch include Real Burger’s 8oz BBQ Burger, Yo!Sushi’s Katsu Chicken and Simpson’s Fish and Chips.

Top Dishes in Cheltenham

1. 8oz BBQ Burger  – Real Burger
2. Chicken Katsu – Yo! Sushi
3. Cod and Chips – Simpsons Fish and Chips
4. Chicken Pad Thai – Thai Brasserie
5. Garlic Bread with Mozzarella – Zizzi
6. Stromboli – Ask
7. Papa Burrito – Paparrito’s
8. Lasagna Tradizionale – Carluccio’s
9. Hosomaki Salmon – Kibou Sushi
10. Chicken Tikka Mossala – Indian Brasserie

If you haven’t tried Deliveroo already, visit the website or download the app.

Happy Birthday Deliveroo – thank you for seeing to my rumbling belly and delivering Cheltenham’s finest Fish and Chips.

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