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Montpellier Lodge, Cheltenham

Trying to keep up with what’s happening on the food scene in both Cheltenham and Bristol keeps James and I pretty busy!

We use this system at work called Trello that organises the teams workflow; James and I use it for listing restaurants we need to go to.

Montpellier Lodge had been on my list for a while. It opened last year in what I always thought was a fancy shed containing tennis rackets for people playing on the courts just opposite. It was a quite a surprise to hear someone was opening a restaurant there.

Since a visit there last month, I’m glad they did!

We were out to celebrate mum’s birthday, so all got our glad-rags on and looked forward to a family get-together.

They’ve extended the building with an added on conservatory-type building, we went on a particular cold evening so when the door opened you were shot with a cold blast however this wouldn’t be a problem in the warmer months and we were soon distracted by the plates being put in front of us.


The menu has a great range of foods, with some of your firm favourites like steak, fish and chips, then some more thought out dishes that make you umm-and-ahh for at least 10 minutes over your choice.

We chose to do this over a glass of wine to make the decision a little easier.


When it’s your first visit to a new place you often have to go guns blazing and give all three courses a go; this evening was no exception.


Fishcakes were a popular choice all round and had the perfect ratio of potato to fish. We also tried the toasted sourdough with a spiced tomato houmous; that had a great kick.

The duck liver parfait was rich and creamy, accompanied by an apricot chutney for that additional sweetness. I can’t comment on the risotto or the soup as they didn’t stay long enough in their bowls!

I love getting together with the family; there is plenty of banter and mick-taking (mainly directed at Dad) and we all have stories to swap of what we’ve been up to since we last saw each other.

Family and food make the ideal combination.


The majority of us couldn’t resist the steak; a generous slab of meat that was cooked to all of our varying requests. A large portion of salty fries and a side salad completed the dish.

James was reducing his in-take of carbs so opted for the salad that came with black pudding, blue cheese, bacon, candied walnuts and a beer dressing.The full works!

My sister had the roasted chicken breast served with creamy mash potato, roasted winter veg and maderia sauce that she hasn’t stopped raving about since.

We were all feeling pretty full and satisfied but couldn’t help a look at the puddings. Which is always a dangerous thing to do and inevitably ends up in finding something you simply can’t resist!

Before our puds arrived we got the waiters to bring out a cake and wish mum a happy birthday.


We saved the cake for the following day and welcomed our choice of desserts; including doughnuts, crumble and a rather large creme brulee.


The food and service could not be faulted, and the company was second-to-none.

Montpellier Lodge is open for brunch, lunch and dinner. I’m looking forward to returning in the Summer when we can fill ourselves up on great food, then relax in the sunshine in Montpellier Park.

For more information, you can visit the website here.


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