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Hollywood Bowl, Cheltenham

I remember back when I was younger, going bowling was THE birthday scene. We’d go for a bowl, then a slice of pizza at Pizza Hut.

The main bowling alley used to be in Swindon Village but has since closed down – Cheltenham now has a swanky Hollywood Bowl, conveniently placed smack bang in the centre of town.

I was very kindly invited along with some friends, in my case the fam, to knock down some pins and reminisce over old birthdays.


The Hollywood theme runs throughout, with the dining area decked out like a diner.


After a friendly greeting on reception, we were guided to our lane and the good news was we didn’t have to change into the goofy shoes.

I have bad memories of those as I always had the biggest feet of my friends so was the odd one out with my lace-ups when everyone else got the slightly less goofy, velcro ones.

Though James was more than happy to put a pair on.


A member of staff was on hand to instruct us on how to set up our names on the big screen and take some drinks orders.


There are wines, beers, soft drinks, ciders, spirits and even cocktails to choose from. Mum, dad and I opted for some colourful cocktails.


Feeling hydrated and ready to get competitive, it was time to get our game faces on.


The staff are really attentive and do a great job of making your visit feel like an occasion.

When you get a strike or a spare, they come round with stickers to let everyone else know you’re a bowling wiz!

They also come round with a frame and take a photo of you and your friends, print it off there and then as a memento to take home.


Once our bowling game had come to an end, (I somehow managed to come third) we celebrated with some sharing food.

The menu is full of American style diner food, that’s a bit naughty but bowling is a sport right? So we deserved it.


The food was perfect for sharing; the wings were nice and spicy and the hot dog was encased in a lovely brioche bun. I was picking away at all of it.

There is plenty to do at Hollywood Bowl; there are arcade games, pool, tasty food and a well stocked bar.

We all left feeling content after a great evening with plenty of laughs and the ideal location to get together. If you’re stuck for something to do of an evenings, get to Hollywood Bowl, Cheltenham.


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