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Under the Stars

A weekend in Bristol is a bit of a rarity at the moment, so to make the most of what the city has to offer we often need to treat ourselves to a night out during the week.

I know, we’re totally crazy!

To quote my father, let work pay for your hangover – don’t ruin your weekends with one! Joking. Or am I..?

Anywho, the other night the fella and I went for some food and drinks after work at Under the Stars. Situated on a boat along the Harbour, something you’d expect to be quite unique. Not in Brizzle.

There are clubs, bars and restaurants a plenty on boats in the city but it still feels somewhat trendy to be stepping onto a boat for dinner.


We walked in and headed below deck where we found the bar and restaurant. We’d bought a Wriggle offer so we were getting six tapas and a bottle of wine for only £30.


We went for the rosé, which James was ecstatic about.

As for tapas choices we opted for patatas bravas, chorizo, calamari, roasted olives and goats cheese salad, meat charcuterie and steak slices.


James had just started a low carb diet so I had to take on most of the patatas bravas; I would have complained but they had a great crunchy coating so it turns out his diet was a blessing in disguise for me.

The meats were fresh; the chorizo was cooked in cider making it sweet and delicious. The charcuterie had a mix of salamis and hams that went down a treat with accompanying chutney.

The greens were a lovely balance and our slightly guilt-free dish; more so if you forget about the hidden pieces of creamy goats cheese.

By the time we had finished eating it was beginning to get dark outside. That’s when you really appreciate being on the river.


For pudding, instead of a calorific, indulgent, filling piece of cake with went for a couple of calorific, indulgent and probably just as filling cocktails because, well, they’re a little more fun.

Under the Stars has a great selection of cocktails, varying in flavours and using different spirits. I had a Little Star; vodka, passionfruit liqueur, elderflower cordial and fresh lemon juice, topped off with prosecco.


James had the El Presidente; a mix of rum, grand marnier, angostura, orange bitters, sweet vermouth and a touch of grenadine.


Some tasty tapas and great cocktails, in a pretty evening setting; you can’t really ask for much more.

We left feeling a little tipsy and enjoyed a frosty walk back home under the real stars in the sky.

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