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At-Bristol: After Hours

Have you ever wanted to be able to run around a science centre, play with fun experiments and drink a cocktail or two?

Well the people at At-Bristol let you do just that!

About 4 times a year, the science centre opens it’s doors later in the evening for over 18s only. These evenings often follow a theme, having already done the Food one, this time we were off to a… errr.. umm.. Sex themed one.

Timed just a couple of days before Valentine’s Day – how romantic!

We grabbed ourselves some love potions (cocktails), which only fuelled our need to regress and run around like a couple of kids.


There was a mix of their usual displays to play with including testing our skills at presenting the weather.


I couldn’t read the autocue fast enough and James kept chopping one of his arms off the screen. I think we’ll leave that job to the experts.

Our next test was trying our hand at milking cows, or posing with them, whatever floats your boat.


But it turns out I’m not great at milking cows either so I’ll still be shopping at the local supermarkets for my cartons, probably best James avoids them too if he’s just going to hug them.

In the same vicinity, there was a mouth-watering aroma of something being cooked up for us. We had stumbled upon my favourite area, the food quarter.

This was also our first themed section of the evening.


They were lambs testicles to be precise. We witnessed the prep, the slicing and the cooking.


They smelt great so I gave one a try, James couldn’t stop squirming to even put one near him. It was a succulent piece of meat but didn’t really have that lovely lamb flavour. I couldn’t quite get over what I was eating so after one bite I was done.


We moved on to taking selfies in the foodie booth, where you’re supposed to give your reaction to the food on the screen. We decided to just make funny faces.


We had a little bit more of a wander around downstairs, into the greenhouse and making sure our brains were the size they should be.


Then headed upstairs to play with mirrors and bubbles.


Everyone there was fully enjoying taking themselves back to a time when you’d spend most of your day playing with toys, making things, problem solving or discovering something new.

It was quite lovely to witness the innocence in all of us.


The themed areas brought you somewhat back to reality including a chat up room where you had to try your best chat up lines on a robot and a vibration station – where you got to make your own… ahem.. toys. You could even take them away for £1.50.


We left the event sniggering to ourselves, which was either due to the cocktails or suggests we’re still children hiding behind adult exteriors. Probably a mixture of the two!

I’m looking forward to the next After Hours event!

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