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Tapas and cocktails at The Bristologist

I love sharing food. Mainly so I can try a little bit of everything without having to order several mains for myself and be judged by other diners/staff.

That’s the great thing about Tapas; small plates of delicious, often over-indulgent food that can be shared to your hearts content. Apparently one of the first questions I asked James was do you mind sharing food. Could have been bad news had he said no, luckily he’s a sharer.

On a Tuesday the Bristologist offer an all you can eat deal for £13 each. They recommend ordering three dishes each and then just reordering when you want some more. This was ideal for us, as we usually have a case of eyes bigger than bellies and ordering everything on the menu. Having said that, old habits die hard and we weren’t far off being in the exact same position as usual.

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Cocktails on a Tuesday may seem like a dangerous idea but when they’re 2-4-1 you can’t turn that down. A small but unique selection of cocktails, we enjoyed working our way through four very different creations, keeping the bar staff more than a little busy.

_DSC0863 _DSC0871 _DSC0872 _DSC0874

From the Tapas menu we went for mac and cheese, honey roasted root vegetables, truffle and parmesan chips (so good we ordered them twice), mini beef burger, chicken wings, mini hot dog, honey glazed chorizo, tempura prawns and the salt and pepper squid. Now I’ve written that down it makes sense why we could barely lift ourselves from our seats.

_DSC0864 _DSC0865 _DSC0866 _DSC0867 _DSC0869 _DSC0870 _DSC0868

To finish things off, you get a free bowl of ice cream. Extra sweet, extra creamy, plenty of vanilla and probably a step too far but who can resist a free pud!


The Bristologist will always be a favourite of mine, not just for the great food and unique cocktails but for fond memories I have of previous visits. But I won’t go into that soppy tale. Also, if you want to bring back the strawberry cocktail you had earlier in the year, I will love you forever!

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