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The Ethicurean, Bristol


In my new quest to try every food/cafe/bar/restaurant in Bristol that is recommended to me I’ve already ventured to the outskirts of Bristol before I’ve barely even touched the surface of the city centre.

Expectations had been set high for The Ethicurean so I was looking forward to checking out the culinary talents.

The Ethicurean more than deserves the title of best ethical restaurant, having huge respect for the local produce grown within their walled garden. One of their passions is taking old recipes and updating them, highlighting the locally sourced ingredients.

The surroundings are beautiful, with the restaurant looking out onto the garden and never ending landscape. It’s hard to believe that Bristol airport is only a stone’s throw away.

_DSC0822 _DSC0823

Inside the windowsills are lined with jars of drinking concoctions that all sound very glugable and the walls are decorated with hanging dried herbs. It really highlights how the restaurant has embraced the land that surrounds them and their need to experiment. Serving up only the best for their customers.

_DSC0762 _DSC0768 _DSC0769

We ordered some drinks and flickered between choosing our food and taking in the views out the window. Even on a typically British rainy day the gardens looked quint and inviting.

_DSC0765 _DSC0780 _DSC0772 _DSC0805

For starters we went for two quite contrasting dishes; the cuttlefish and the rarebit. The rarebit was deliciously creamy, rich and cheesy – everything you want from a rarebit. The cuttlefish was light, refreshing and sweet with the flavour of fermented piccalilli.

_DSC0786 _DSC0783

For mains we had the 12-hour pork belly and the Cornish hake. The pork was accompanied by some top notch crackling, soy and honey glazed chicory and flat bean and dulse salad.

_DSC0796 _DSC0798_2_DSC0804

I doubled up on the fish, taking advantage of the fact James isn’t too keen on the stuff. It came with small flakes of cauliflower, kale, capers, raisin and confit chicken. All cooked perfectly and so pretty, if it hadn’t tasted so good I’d almost feel bad for devouring it.

_DSC0792 _DSC0793 _DSC0799_2

After two incredible first courses, how could we walk away without trying a pudding. We went for The Ethicurean Sticky Toffee Apple cake, which came with toffee apple syrup, clotted cream ice cream and cinnamon. Anyone would think we hadn’t eaten for days the way we wolfed it down. My only regret was agreeing to share it.

_DSC0812 _DSC0816

Before heading home we took a wander around the gardens, where you’ll also find small craft shops and courses.

_DSC0824 _DSC0826 _DSC0828 _DSC0829

All the food could be described as a piece of art, all beautifully presented and one-of-a-kind, with the menu changing daily depending on what has been sourced. Just as we were leaving I spotted a pile of scones that had my name written all over them, it would have been criminal for me to leave without purchasing one and taking a little of The Ethicurean home with me.



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