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HomeSense Father's Day Gift Guide


If your dad is anything like mine and pretty difficult to buy for, Father’s Day can be a little stressful. I mean what do you buy a man who already has the best gift in the world; me as his daughter?

Top tip: apparently this doesn’t count as a present. No pleasing some people..

Luckily HomeSense knows that Fussy Father’s are a common occurence and cover all the bases for us.

You could traipse around shops all day but you’ll see from the below HomeSense cater for all hobbies and interests, giving you plenty of ideas to treat your dad.

_DSC0252 _DSC0253 _DSC0254 _DSC0257 _DSC0258 _DSC0259 _DSC0261 _DSC0262 _DSC0263

There are even items for those feeling a little more extravagant/braver.

_DSC0255_DSC0272 _DSC0265

Or how about some BBQ accessories? The summer is starting to heat up and it’s the only time my Dad ever turns his hand to cooking. Literally just turns his hand (and flips burgers).


Hopefully this post has provided some ideas for this Sunday. Hurry now, you’ve only got a few more days!

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