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Little Kitchen, Bristol


Little Kitchen in Bristol is a specialist cookery school providing an array of different workshops and courses. The courses are run by Madeleine and Claire, who invite you into their kitchen and clearly know their stuff.


We enrolled ourselves onto the Indian cookery class where you get to learn to make a naan bread, an aromatic dhal and a Sri Lankan chicken curry all in two hours.

The whole experience was really relaxed, so it’s good fun as well as helping gain confidence and learning new skills in the kitchen.


To kick things off we made up the dough for the naan.

We added strong bread flour, yeast, salt and sugar together. Along with some yogurt, water and melted butter.

_DSC0624 _DSC0627

You mix that into a ball and knead for about 5 minutes. If you press into the dough and it springs back, you’re good to go.


We placed the dough into a bowl, lightly coating it with oil and then covering the bowl with cling film and leaving in a warm place.

After about an hour proving, the dough had almost doubled in size. We preheated the grill to its highest heat setting and started rolling out the dough to about 1/2 cm thick.


Placing the dough onto a piece of tin foil allows you to easily move it, and spraying with water gives it that authentic chewiness.


We grilled each side for approximately 3 minutes and once satisified we had created something naan-like, brushed with melted garlic butter.


Next up, the aromatic dahl. We added the lentils to a saucepan, some water, tumeric, ground cloves and ground cinnamon.

_DSC0631_DSC0632 _DSC0634

We allowed the lentils to absorb water until they were tender. In the meantime we chopped up some garlic and onions, cooking them in oil in a frying pan with some mustard seeds and cumin seeds.

_DSC0656 _DSC0657

Then adding them to the lentils. Dhal is done, easy as that.


Last up was the Sri Lankan Chicken Curry. We started by finely chopping up an onion, root ginger and creamed coconut.

_DSC0635 _DSC0636

Frying the onions in oil and adding ground cloves, ground coriander, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, seeds from 1 cardamom pod and fenugreek seeds.

_DSC0642 _DSC0643 _DSC0645_DSC0647

Once combined we removed from the pan and browned the chicken thigh all over.


We then stirred the onions back in along with the ginger, creamed coconut, some chilli powder (or a lot in my case) and water.

_DSC0651 _DSC0652 _DSC0661

We left the chicken to cook for about 35-40 minutes on the hob, letting it soak up all those spices.


Once cooked we plated up and tucked in. What’s lovely is at the end, the worktop is turned into a dining table and you sit around and enjoy your culinary masterpiece together.


I’m especially chuffed I can now recreate an authentic naan bread at home and don’t have to put up with the supermarket versions. I can highly recommend trying out a cookery course at Little Kitchen. You can find out about all their courses here.

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