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Turtle Bay, Cheltenham

Working in Bristol I’d already been lucky enough to experience a few lunches at Turtle Bay, as well as some evening cocktails. So when I heard Cheltenham was in for some caribbean goodness I couldn’t have been happier.

In the perfect location in the centre of town, making it hugely popular at the weekend and the evenings. My friend and I popped along on a Thursday night, sadly just missing the 241 cocktail offer but pleased to be able to get a table.

_DSC0611 _DSC0612

The decor is fun and reflects the style of cooking. A vibrant kitchen and bar area but more intimate lighting for each individual table. I love all the fairy lights dotted across the ceiling. Then again who doesn’t like fairy lights?

We were seated against this crazy stereo wall. Luckily no sound was coming from them.


There is a great choice of food with burgers, wraps, curries, salads, barbequed meats etc. We both took forever and a day trying to decide what to have. In the end we were both sold by the Street Burger; a beef burger with spicy pulled jerk pork, sweet onion chutney and herb mayonaise, encased in a brioche bun.

The cocktail menu also needs a little time to peruse. Especially if you get there in time for the 241 offer, being indecisive may cause some problems the next time I visit.


Coming to a conclusion on the burger was easy though – we both agreed Turtle Bay nailed the balance of beef patty vs pulled pork perfectly. The sweet potato fries helped ease the guilt of doubling up on meats as well as tasting delish.

I’d like to say we stopped there but I made the mistake of checking out the puddings early on in the evening. It wouldn’t really be a fair review if I didn’t try at least one of them.

So we got two and shared them.

_DSC0619 _DSC0622

We opted for the Rum and Raisin Bread pudding and the Banana and Toffee cheesecake. The bread pudding was moist without the rum being overpowering – some may see this as a bad thing, I didn’t.

The cheesecake was almost a twist on banoffee pie; creamy, rich with a great crunch. I’m all about the biscuit base cheesecakes.

Good food at a good price, fun, laidback atmosphere and a great addition for Cheltenham. I’m looking forward to returning and ticking a few more things off the menu.


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