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Lunching in Bourton on the Water

Commuting into Bristol everyday for work can be a bit of a slog. More recently I’ve been asking myself is it time to pack up my things, smuggle the cat beneath my coat and move there.

However I would miss being at the heart of the Cotswolds, with towns like Bourton, Stow and Broadway all being on the doorstep.

They are all so traditional that you feel as though you’re taking a step back in time and removing yourself from the modern world for at least an afternoon. My mum grew up in Stow on the Wold so we have visited there frequently and it never seems to change.

The day after my birthday I drove my mum, my friend Steph and I out to Bourton on the Water for a little wander and a bite to eat.

bourton-28bourton-21 bourton-20 bourton-27

We stopped at Bakery on the Water, a family run bakery and cafe.


The aroma of freshly baked bread carried us into the cafe and seated us right in the window. In the nick of time too, as once we arrived the whole town seemed to follow.

bourton-5 bourton-4 bourton-3

I love the idea of going to the local bakers and grabbing a loaf. Sometimes a slice of thick white bread and a dollop of butter is all you need.

bourton-6 bourton-7

After lunch we wrapped ourselves back up and meandered in and out of shops along the high street. There are some unique little boutique shops that offer the cat-lover in me the purrrfect knick-knacks.

bourton-16 bourton-15 bourton-14

Bourton is probably most well known for housing Brum the car at their Motor Museum. I met him when I was younger so gave it a miss this time around.

bourton-10 bourton-11

There is also a Perfumery, where you can make up your own scent. They have all the aromas for you to have a whiff at as you walk around the shop.

bourton-22 bourton-23 bourton-24 bourton-25

In the summer the town is full of people. They’re either sat in the pub gardens or along the river bank eating fish and chips, watching children play in the water.

Our visit was a little quieter.

bourton-12 bourton-13 bourton-17 bourton-18 bourton-19

Mum bought a bag of toffee from the local sweet shop and we made our way back home. I was driving so Mum and Steph still had that adventure in store.

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