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Curry Corner, Cheltenham


You may be wondering how I’m keeping up with my new year’s resolution of eating well with all these trips to restaurants and pubs.

There has to be a happy medium you see, to stick to the one resolution of blogging more it means I have to make sacrifices to another resolution of eating healthier. I am still attempting to eat less and gym more, so far so good although I did cave to a pack of Minstrels last night.

At least I’m not doing as bad as Alan. Being a chocoholic he committed himself to a year without chocolate. Last night he helped me finished my Minstrels, ending his pledge in under two weeks. I couldn’t be more pleased, now he can remove all sweet treats from my fingertips!

After having a break from eating Indian food, we seem to be making a habit of it more recently. We’ve been trying out some corkers too having been to Bhoomi just after Christmas and then last week we visited Curry Corner, well known for having been praised by the one and only Gordon Ramsay. We found out they’ve also been given the thumbs up from Rick Stein, Kate Moss, Michael Palin and Sir Richard Branson.

We were out for my sister’s 24th birthday so the whole family were involved. I ended up taking 164 photographs some how, don’t worry I’ll only share the best ones with you guys.

Curry Corner is just on the edge of the centre of town. It’s in a relatively odd place, situated between houses in the area known as Fairview in Cheltenham. If you need more guidance, it’s basically around the corner from the Banksy piece.

We arrived fashionably late, what seems like a tradition in my family and settled in the warm and rich surroundings. The bar was most impressive, striking, heavy-set wood encasing a mixture of spirits and beers.

_DSC0878 _DSC0877_DSC0886 _DSC0887 _DSC0891 _DSC0892 _DSC0895 _DSC0901 _DSC0881

There is a wide variety of starters and mains to choose from which seems to send us all into a mild panic, wanting to make the right decision but also making sure we don’t all order the same thing so we can all try a bit of each others. We eventually made up our minds, adding poppadoms as a starter-starter to help soak up the already flowing alcohol.

_DSC0904 _DSC0905

The service was splendid, the staff are really friendly and take pride in serving up some delicious food – just take a look at our starters.

_DSC0919 _DSC0920 _DSC0921 _DSC0922

The last image doesn’t look the most appetising but enveloped inside that omelette is one tasty bit of lamb.

Once we’d experienced the starters we were hungry for more, luckily it wasn’t long before the mains arrived. Covering our table with delicious aromers, fluffy piles of rice and rich orange colours.

_DSC0925 _DSC0926 _DSC0927 _DSC0929 _DSC0930 _DSC0931_DSC0944 _DSC0951 _DSC0963

If we weren’t enjoying ourselves enough, once the dishes had been taken away we were treated to a chocolate truffle and a mango bellini.

_DSC0974 _DSC0976 _DSC0978

We were then offered a hot towel to wash our hands, whilst Mum and the brother polished off the last of the vino.

_DSC0980 _DSC0981 _DSC0982_DSC0986 _DSC0996 _DSC0994

Curry Corner offer exceptional fresh Indian food, friendly staff and some nice touches to end your evening on a high. We will be back.

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