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Hello 2015

As we drift into the start of a new year, it’s hard not to reflect on our fellow 2014.

There wasn’t a single event that defined 2014 however I feel thankful that it was a healthy, happy and busy one. Alan and I began planning our wedding, we did quite a bit of travelling, visiting cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Madrid.


Alan bought tickets to tour around Buckingham Palace, my blog started to get more recognition, and I took some photography courses, one leading to helping on a professional photoshoot.


2015 looks to be an even better year, mainly because it is the year I am marrying Alan. Wedding planning has been fun, but the closer it gets the more stressful it has become. Hopefully all will be worth it on the big day.

With the new year comes the obligatory resolutions that we promise to stick at but soon fall at the wayside come February. Apart from turning up at the church on time, I have made myself some resolutions that I feel are reachable and I’m hoping the fact I’ve published them online, will add some pressure to stick to them.

1. Get healthy
With the impending nuptials, losing weight is high on the agenda. I have never agreed with dieting as I believe it just messes with your metabolism. I want to make more of a lifestyle change by eating healthy and exercising more.

2. Travel more
We did a fair bit of travelling in 2014 but there is still so much I want to see. I love visiting different cultures, trying foreign foods and just being away from the daily routine.

3. Live by the motto ‘Life’s too short’
The days, weeks, months, years even, go by so fast that I hear this saying more often than not. Life is incredibly short and I want to make the most of it – I’m hoping to remind myself of this motto when I feel apprehensive about something.

4. Prioritise blogging
2014 was a good year for my blog. I got invited to a launch party, asked to write about a new store and even got published in the local paper. I want to focus a lot more energy on blogging this year, take more time to comment and socialise with fellow bloggers.

5. Get out and photograph more
I love taking photographs but I need to be more patient and as always a lot more confident. I would like to work more on street photography around Cheltenham and perhaps Bristol.

Here’s hoping these resolutions are more realistic than overwhelming. Please let me know if you guys have any resolutions for 2015!

I wish you all a very happy new year.


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