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Merry Christmas everyone


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and are still making the most of the festive season by eating and drinking lots. Or is that just me? I’ve had the flu for over a week now, I feel I may have taken the ‘Feed a cold..’ saying to the extreme.

We started the excessive eating early on Christmas Eve, when my brother cooked up a Jamie Oliver recipe of homemade waffles and a thick hot chocolate.

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Every year our Christmas is spent at home with just the immediate family. Even though we all still live at home, it’s rare that we’re all in at the same time. It’s great to spend the whole day with your nearest and dearest, exchanging gifts and watching our cat Bonnie take all the limelight whilst she tears into a pack of treats.

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I received some amazing gifts from the family and the fiance including Photography books, a DW watch, perfumes, bobble hat, make-up, a pair of Timberland boots among other things. Alan seems to take my list of ideas as a checklist!

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The whole family got a huge gift from my young brother, who went and bought us all a trip to Budapest! For someone who leaves his Christmas shopping to the last minute, he doesn’t half pull it out the bag in the end. He even placed clues around the house that we had to follow until we worked out where we were going. We haven’t been on a holiday as a family in years so it’s a real treat!


After our quest to find Budapest (I made a rhyme!), we only had time for a couple more presents before sitting down to Mum’s glorious Christmas dinner.

_DSC0706 _DSC0707 _DSC0708 _DSC0709

The unwrapping of presents went into the late afternoon, before we sat down in front of the TV and enjoyed a Christmas quiz by my sister – Alan and I won, if anyone is interested…

It’s Dad’s birthday today so we get to prolong the present giving and celebrations. We’re off to see Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut, Unbroken at Cheltenham’s Screening Rooms and then out for a pub lunch tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and is looking forward to the New Year.


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