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Wedding decorations

I’ve just finished reading a book my mum bought me when I got engaged, it’s called ‘The modern girl’s guide to getting hitched’. The book takes you from dealing with never being able to pull men again right up to the big day and speaks honestly about all things weddings. What I didn’t agree with was how once planning gets rolling, your life becomes your wedding and when once it’s over you’ll wonder what you talked about before. However, since finding and booking our venue, I haven’t stopped thinking, dreaming, talking about our nuptials. I have become that person. I would say I’m going to try and change, but I’m not sure I can – so I can only apologise to those who have to listen. To be honest, you don’t even have to listen.

So my wedding. Sorry, I should have mentioned if I’m not talking about it I’ll be blogging about it. But not too much, don’t want to give too much away!

About 2 months ago I asked my mum to not recycle any jam jars and keep them so I could use them as wedding decorations. Within a couple of weeks we had collected plenty, who knew we went through so many jars of food?! I then went along to some local craft stores and picked up some lace, string and double sided tape.


Alan did the boring job of soaking the jars in hot water and removing the sticky labels. Some were a little harder than others, but the general technique is to leave them in hot soapy water for 10 minutes and fingers crossed, the label comes off in one.


Once we had a collection of shiny jars I got to work on attaching a ring of double sided tape and then using different pieces of string and lace to create various designs.


I’m hoping these will look even prettier with candles in the middle, placed on all the tables at our wedding. I plan on doing a lot of crafty wedding things myself – including our invites, to help keep costs down. If anyone knows of any other money saving wedding ideas – please let me know!


  • Nicola Lyde

    Lovely idea! I want to do this just for around the house 🙂 I’m Chelt based too I enjoyed reading your posts about local places :)! Nicola Xx

    • StephD

      I think we’ll end up using them around the house after the wedding too! Thank you, just read on yours about The Fault in our Stars book – I finished reading this a couple of months ago. I read it on the train to work, had to hide the fact I was blubbing like a baby at the end..
      Nice to hear from a fellow Cheltonian blogger 🙂 xx

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